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TotalVision - Business Intelligence Suite

Data isnít enough for todayís financial institutions. Precise information about performance and opportunities is the order of the day.

Total Vision from COCC provides these opportunities through a highly efficient ensemble of performance monitoring, data analysis and business process automation. 


This browser-based product enables COCC clients to understand and manage the wealth of data collected every day. Total Vision shifts the institutionís orientation from assembling and distributing data to supplying the information that matters most when making decisions. Total Vision extends the reach of information to every user within the institution, making knowledge the basis for action.

Integrated Data
COCC extracts and organizes information from relevant sources into a managed data mart for timely analysis and historical/comparative reporting. This centralized source of information becomes the organizationís Ďsingle sourceí for all of its information needs. Using the latest technology, information can be refreshed in reports, spreadsheets and presentations whenever it changes. This Ďlive dataí concept ensures that all charts, spreadsheets and reports are up-to-date whenever they are accessed.

Query and Analysis
Clients use a broad range of analysis tools to answer ad hoc questions with Ďintelligent documentsí which can be scheduled for distribution to selected recipients throughout the organization. Embedded drill-to-details features transform the institutionís flat reporting into multi-dimensional, presentation quality content.

Total Vision delivers information through a variety of channels, such as email, web views, files, and portals. The information can appear as a Blackberry screen, an Excel spreadsheet or both. The choice is yours.

Performance Management
Total Vision dashboards summarize report data in a format that focuses staff on the information that requires action. These intuitive, visual dashboard displays provide more than data Ė they connect the information with the organizationís business goals, raising employee awareness of the institutionís performance in every department. Total Visionís automated scheduling and distribution tools ensure that information gets generated at regular intervals without user intervention.

Flexible Security
Total Vision lets your administrators manage security and system access via a browser-based console. Your administrators can control access by individual employees or by groups. Controls extend to the analytical tools and reporting styles available to each employee, and can change to meet the specific needs of individual business units. The result is flexible power with strong controls to match your regulatory needs.

Drive your Performance
Total Visionís powerful yet sophisticated business tools are easy to install and put to use. COCC can customize the product to meet an institutionís specific business needs.

We provide templates to help define an institutionís first reports and move on to develop highly complex information tasks.

As institutions recognize the strategic value of information, they will recognize the value of Total Vision to bring the right information to the right people at the right time.

Total Vision can help financial institutions align information management to their business strategies.




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