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CRM Pathfinder

Meet COCC’s Pathfinder CRM™, the financial services industry’s most advanced customer relationship management tool.

Pathfinder CRM™ has proven itself time and again in community financial institutions with thorough, tangible results. The product simplifies customer retention by analyzing customer behavior and showing your staff which products and services work best for specific customers.

Process Efficiencies
Pathfinder CRM™ does more than help you sell. It also helps you boost efficiency by ensuring timely follow-up on opportunities, and automating manual tasks.

Pathfinder CRM™ helps optimize your marketing efforts by helping you...

  • Set up and track targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

  • Automate and standardize sales processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Quantify the returns on your marketing investments and compare them with each other.

Pathfinder CRM™ is tightly integrated with most commercial core processing systems and accepts data from other sources, both inside and outside your institution.

This is the intelligence you need to apply your institution's unique business strategies to customer need. The result is not only more sales, but also more satisfied customers who trust you to help them manage their finances.


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