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Electronic Banking

Electronic Banking Services:  Mobile Banking  |  Internet Banking  |  Debit Services  |  ATM Support  |  TeleConnect


High-speed networks and powerful smart phones have opened opportunities for consumers and businesses to use their cell phones for mobile access. This rapidly evolving channel is based on a choice of mobile banking applications, giving financial institutions the freedom to select the mobile banking application that meets its end consumer’s mobile banking needs.

Solutions used by COCC clients for mobile banking provide secure OFX connectivity for financial data exchange and anti-phishing and fraud protection technology.

Consumers can manage their funds with the following functions:

  • Check balances and account history

  • Download transactions

  • Initiate funds transfers

  • Schedule bill payments

  • Review bill payment history

  • Receive alerts and secure messages

The mobile banking applications support iPhones, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and late-model Java-enabled cell phones.

COCC’s electronic banking services are integrated with the company’s real time .Net core processing system. This architecture provides a single balance for all banking channels – electronic and in-branch – at all times.


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Internet Banking

Grow Your Market Online
Let COCC empower your institution to deliver the full branch experience online. Integrated with the teller and other electronic banking channels, COCC’s Internet Banking Solutions provide live account balances plus a broad array of value-added services aimed at nurturing customer relationships.

Integration = Convenience + Security
COCC’s next generation technology enables your institution to touch its target market for growth and efficiency. Of course, your customers and businesses can conduct banking transactions, open accounts, and manage their finances. With COCC, your marketing and service teams can monitor activity, adjust marketing messages and evaluate risk.

That’s because COCC puts your data to work – automatically providing feedback on your market and uncovering potential risks. COCC can also provide managed Internet services, including secure web hosting and a full array of security services for your institution’s web site.

eCommerce = Online Business Tools
Business today almost always has an online component – whether it be direct sales, a brand-awareness site, or a management capability enabling company officials to meet payroll, pay bills, and manage business finances.

COCC’s Internet Banking Solutions offer the tools your commercial customers need to run their businesses – anywhere they might be. Security features, such as positive pay, provide added payments security. Remote Deposit adds further convenience for businesses that receive large volumes of checks for deposit.


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Debit Services

Increase the Value of Your Debit Channel
Get the most out of your debit card program with COCC’s Debit Services. Integration with the teller and account processing systems plus all other electronic banking channels extend the convenience and greater control that consumers enjoy in the debit product.

COCC starts with a live account balance which enables your customers to see their financial status at all times. Fees, notices, reports and statements are all integrated, streamlining the back room operation. Risk management is integrated as well, giving your institution the full picture of account, customer and intra-customer activity.

Your institution can offer the latest debit features and manage their adoption through business intelligence and CRM. It’s the perfect way to gather your institution’s resources around an integral product.

Debit Expertise
COCC’s Debit experts are fully versed in all aspects of electronic banking, so you get the complete picture, not just a single product approach. When you’re ready, COCC provides comprehensive consulting on debit card specs, costs, and workflows plus:


  • Analytic tools to determine best and likely risk and income scenarios

  • Multiple card production options

  • In depth risk management tools and options to meet your needs and budget

  • Responsive support every time you call, train, or visit – either at COCC or your location.

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ATM Support

Let COCC deliver the latest self-service features through your institution’s ATMs. Using integrated technology, we connect the new ATM features with the rest of your institution’s operational flow – from cash withdrawals to check image deposits.

More Than an ATM
When your customers approach your institution’s ATM, they see more than a machine – they see you. COCC can help you activate the features that make sense, and integrate those features for seamless service to your customers. Live balances, backup communications, and network security are just a few of the advantages of COCC’s integrated technology systems.

With COCC’s focus on ATM technology, your staff can spend less time investigating new capabilities and more time on the business of banking.


Our electronic banking experts show you which ATM features work best, present an implementation plan and work with you to make it happen, ensuring that all support solutions work as planned.


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TeleConnect / Voice Recognition Services

This popular telephone banking option for customer/members remains an important part of your service mix. Callers can access their accounts 24 x 7 from anywhere in the United States and Canada toll free.

Security is provided through Multi-Layer Authentication to protect information beyond the more typical account number/PIN combinations required by most systems.

Features available in COCC Teleconnect product include:

  • Real time Account Information for customer/members who need to know their account balances and transaction histories.

  • Funds Transfer and Loan Payments in real time between accounts.

  • Multi-Layer Authentication for institutions that want to extend their Teleconnect security to a second or third level of authentication.

  • Stop Payments can be placed online in real time by authorized users of the

  • Teleconnect system.

  • Check Issue enables callers to request a bank check when it is not convenient for them to travel to a branch office.

Installed and maintained at COCC, the Teleconnect system is fully customizable with bilingual and security options. Callers access the system via a highly cost-effective toll free number to keep costs down.  

Comprehensive audit and customer activity reports keep management informed of all telephone banking transactions.


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