Employee Testimonials

What makes COCC such a great place to work? Our employees weigh in…
Jillian, Business Development

Time at COCC: 6 years

Here’s my COCC story: I started at COCC in 2011 as a Marketing Coordinator, and admittedly left after 11 months to see if another opportunity would be better suited for me. It wasn’t long (only three and a half months) before I came running back to COCC as I realized that it was such a great company to work for. When I came back, I accepted an opportunity as a Customer Support Coordinator in the iBanking group. This was by far the greatest opportunity I could have encountered. I was lucky enough to learn the ins and outs of one of our largest products, aside from INSIGHT, that COCC has to offer. My favorite part of the job was being able to talk with clients on a day-to-day basis and help resolve any of their issues, as well as having amazing coworkers. In January of 2016, I transitioned over to our Strategic Products department as a Business Development Manager. Here I am able to speak with clients daily and resolve issues in a different way, and I also get to deal with a lot of prospects that look to COCC for internet services and other products that don’t require core contracts. It will be amazing to see those prospects potentially turn into core clients later on!

If I were to suggest COCC to a friend, I’d say: The culture is like none other. You couldn’t find a more inviting place to work that presents so many opportunities.

Jasmine, Customer Service

Time at COCC: 1 year

Favorite work perk: Most definitely, hands down, my favorite work perk is the monthly chair massage. It’s on a Friday each month–and what an awesome way to start the weekend!

Best COCC memory: I’d say my best COCC memory, thus far, was placing third in Trivia Wednesday and winning a Dunkin Donuts gift card on my second day!

My COCC story: I started applying to COCC about three years ago. Part of the reason I waited so long was the fact that COCC has been voted Top Workplace and Best Place to Work in CT several years in a row. When I finally had my interview I didn’t even get the job I originally applied for, but because of the positive feedback I was offered the opportunity to interview for a different position and nailed it!

Sri, Systems & Programming

Time at COCC: 16 years

My favorite aspect of COCC’s work/life balance is: The flexibility of being able to work remotely.

The best training class I’ve taken so far at COCC was: The teambuilding bike build.

If I were to suggest COCC to a friend, I’d say: COCC has a friendly environment, good work culture and excellent benefits!

Jodie, Talent Development

Time at COCC: 3 years

The best training class I’ve taken so far at COCC is: a team building class where we came together to build six wheelchairs that we then donated to the Disabled American Veterans of Connecticut.

If I were to suggest COCC to a friend, I’d say: COCC is a great and fun place to work with plenty of growth opportunities. They genuinely care about each and every employee and are always trying to make improvements to make their employees happy, all while never compromising the quality of work which has made COCC so successful. COCC understands that employees have lives outside of the company and they work with everyone to help balance that work and home life. There is a lot of longevity here, which speaks volumes about the company.