Nimble from the Very Beginning: CNB Bank

Nimble Core Provider from the Beginning: CNB Bank TestimonialCore banking systems touch every aspect of an institution’s operations, impacting both staff and customers. As a result, existing, dated technology may remain in place until the need for transition outweighs the short-term inconvenience of change. So shares Joe Bower, President and CEO of CNB Bank. “Our business model is built on flexibility. As a result of mergers and acquisitions, our legacy provider was no longer able to keep pace with our need for growth. It was time for a change — with a longstanding system we weren’t able to get things done for internal efficiencies or for customer needs.”

Seeking a partner that could deliver products and services to market quicker, CNB Bank underwent an extensive due diligence. “Through our research of multiple providers, we found COCC,” continues Joe. “They proved to be partners that wanted to grow with us. Through extensive options in technology and an adaptable culture, they echoed our desire to serve customers in a more efficient way. We found that core operating systems were universal, meaning they all worked. It was the other factors that made a difference — such as being nimble, innovative and responsive. In COCC we found a partner that will help us secure and retain customer relationships.”

CNB tested COCC’s ability to be a truly nimble core provider by asking for a rapid conversion process — one that was faster than the standard time frame. “While we knew that this pace of conversion may put strain on both teams and that there may be some challenges to a condensed timeline, we decided that the positive impact to our customers would far outpace any issues,” confirms Joe.

From start to finish, the conversion delivered better, immediate technology. As with all financial institutions, it was a big undertaking. “There were lots of little pieces associated with this project, and in general, I think the conversion went rather well,” says Joe. “What we didn’t want was customer disruption. Working together, our team and the COCC team kept customer disruption at a minimum.”

Technology backed by expertise

When addressing comprehensive change within an organization, trust is built upon expertise. “COCC provided us with people that were very, very technically sound and knew the product well. They also understood the needs of our staff and the customers we value. This depth of knowledge was surrounded by a commitment to service that resulted in an effective outcome,” shares Joe.

When regulations impact service, COCC will be there for CNB Bank

With every new regulation comes the need for change. CNB, other current clients and potential clients will be relying on COCC to navigate through these changes. “What we are going to count on most from COCC is their ability to help us through the regulatory world,” concludes Joe. “Most regulations take away the ability to service a customer effectively. We have to take what we get, work with it and make it work well for our customers. We need the help of COCC to get us to the point where we still provide good, old-fashioned service. It is our job to get as close to that ‘want’ as effectively as we can. COCC has shown that they have the ability to hear what we are saying and do something about it in a more rapid way than their competitors — that’s the definition of nimble.”