Enhancing Technology and Relationships: Chelsea Groton Bank

With a partnership spanning over 35 years, Chelsea Groton Bank and COCC have grown their technologies together. “We have relied on COCC to help us evolve,” said William Lidestri, Senior Vice President and Director of Operations and Technology for Chelsea Groton Bank. “And we appreciate COCC’s sense of commitment and equal interest in resolving our issues and meeting our needs.”

Most recently, Chelsea Groton needed to expand their cash management offerings. “Our core mission is to be a great community bank and partner,” said Mr. Lidestri, “and to do that, we needed to expand our footprint and our reputation.” The bank reached out to COCC to explore their options, finding that COCC offers an incredibly robust cash management suite.

“No two businesses are the same, but the services from COCC allow us to look at the entire cash management cycle and provide the best products and services based on the individual client’s needs,” said Mr. Lidestri. COCC’s cash management products integrate directly into the core system, INSIGHT. This enables financial institutions to have a full picture of their business customers, from ACH origination to wire transfers. Security is top-notch, and mobile offerings like remote deposit capture are also fully integrated.

COCC’s personal touch is another aspect of their service culture that Chelsea Groton appreciates. “COCC has accompanied us on sales calls to our business customers,” said Mr. Lidestri. “They are there to show our business customers that they are a reliable and innovative core technology provider. COCC wants to help us build these relationships.”

Chelsea Groton Bank has seen a year of steady growth so far, thanks in part to their devotion to evolving in response to their community’s needs. “We don’t have a strategic goal to be competitive in terms of number of branches or the size of the bank,” said Michael Rauh, Chelsea Groton’s President and CEO. “We believe in doing the right thing by our customers and our community, and financial success will follow.”

COCC has the same commitment to their clients. “Our clients push us to innovate, to offer the best products and services, even if it means we have to create them ourselves,” said Richard A. Leone, CEO of COCC. “Our success over the past 50 years has been a direct result of that intensely collaborative relationship.”

“We share a common goal in customer commitment and priority with COCC,” said Mr. Rauh. “COCC makes banking easier for both our internal teams and for our customers.”