First County Bank Charts a Fresh Course

First County BankNew branding and top-line initiatives are moving First County Bank on a fresh course to record growth. The $1.3 billion bank, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut with 15 locations throughout lower Fairfield County, promotes a unique blend of high value banking services that is setting a new level of customer expectations in a competitive market.

“First County Bank is showing Connecticut’s lower Fairfield County what exceptional community banking is all about,” said Reyno A. Giallongo, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Everything we do, from our expedited mortgage origination process and robust suite of cash management products for businesses to tailored wealth management services offered by First County Advisors, contributes to our steady growth in assets with 18% in the past five years alone. Through our advertising and social media initiatives, we are becoming known as the community bank that delivers innovation and responsive service that is second to none.”

Teamwork and a robust partnership with COCC, a specialty technology service for community banks, are helping First County Bank deliver a broad range of quality products while building its reputation for going the extra mile.

“As banks look to innovate with various loan, deposit and wealth management platforms, it’s critical to have an active exchange of ideas with the technology experts who are charged with making it happen,” says Giallongo. “All levels of our staff have direct access to the decision makers at COCC.”

Giallongo stated the technology partnership with COCC has enabled First County Bank to offer today’s in-demand mobile channels along with the best-of-breed corporate cash management services that compete favorably against any big bank package.

“We insist on giving our staff the knowledge as well as the technology to design and deliver the most appropriate banking solutions to our customers,” Giallongo said. “This flexibility has helped solidify our position as an innovative bank throughout our market area.”

In the past few years, the bank has focused on key niches, such as attorneys and non-profit organizations, to demonstrate the full complement of its non-credit commercial services. Consumer deposit capture, additional treasury management and payroll features, plus new ATMs that accelerate the check deposit process were among the innovations implemented in 2013. It’s all part of the bank’s strategy to deliver the same high quality banking experience across all channels.

“To be a player in this business, we need all of our banking channels to be available wherever and however our customers need them,” said Giallongo. “We constantly assess our ‘basket’ of financial solutions as well as our service delivery. Our goal is to make sure that First County Bank can serve our customers more completely than anyone else around.”

To keep the younger generations engaged, Giallongo posts regularly to a corporate blog. His subjects are as diverse as a notice informing customers that the bank was unaffected by Hurricane Sandy to an in-depth discussion about mobile banking. Giallongo says it’s all about building relationships. “The more our public knows us, the more they will realize that First County Bank is where they belong,” says Giallongo.