First Federal Community Bank and COCC: A Partnership Born in the Pursuit of Smarter Banking Software

First Federal Community BankKnown originally as the Dover Building and Loan Company of Canal Dover, First Federal Community Bank has been serving customers since 1898. Since then, First Federal has expanded by opening five locations throughout New Philadelphia, Dover, Sugarcreek and Berlin. With superior customer service, a commitment to innovation, and the dedication to continuously improve systems and service, First Federal Bank specializes in offering modern conveniences and personal service to its customers.

First Federal Community Bank Seeks More from Software Provider

First Federal Community Bank found that the level of support offered by their former software provider wasn’t ideal after it had undergone several mergers with other businesses. Working in an industry that requires strenuous attention to detail to ensure regulatory compliance and the protection of customer accounts, First Federal required a software provider that offered accurate, speedy updates and responsive support.

Without a relationship manager, First Federal Community Bank found that it was not receiving support from its provider’s staff members. Instead, they were being forced to exchange information with personnel who did not know how to fix various problems. Communication became an obstacle, especially when updates were required. When system updates were released, First Federal received large, 200-page manuals for instruction, rather than personalized training and responsive support.

First Federal executives decided it was time to explore new options for its technology provider.

The Hunt for the Right System and Provider

To better gauge First Federal Community Bank’s data processing needs, executives made the strategic decision to look at all backroom operations to determine what was needed to further drive efficiency. It was determined that a .NET platform would allow their operations to more easily adapt to industry changes. In addition, executives concluded that an auxiliary system would be more capable of retrieving and manipulating data to fit the bank’s desired format. Dedicated to offering a better customer experience, First Federal executives desired to offer more feature-rich technologies to its customers.

First Federal’s executive team evaluated six leading providers and systems. After surviving multiple elimination rounds and passing stringent evaluations, COCC was named First Federal Community Bank’s top choice.

Why COCC Proved to Be the Best Fit for First Federal Community Bank

According to CEO and President Trent B. Troyer, there was one factor that separated COCC from the pack of other software providers. “We are a community bank,” Troyer explained, “and although some of their folks work with much larger companies, COCC had a feel and touch similar to a local community business – like a family. I could call them as the president and simply get answers. I liked the trust that came into the picture.”

Harnessing the Power of COCC Software to Succeed

“From an efficiency standpoint, COCC software has been very helpful,” Troyer stated. “It made us very competitive and allowed us to contend with larger banks. COCC’s adaptability, forward-thinking architecture, and connectivity with other systems has helped our business succeed in an increasingly competitive financial service market.”

Some of the other factors that tipped the scales were:

  • Communication – COCC offers continuous communication with First Federal staff through a relationship manager, CEO letters, and more.
  • Real-time capabilities – At the time, COCC was one of the only online systems equipped with real-time capabilities.
  • Data manipulation – With more flexibility, COCC allows companies to extract the data they need and manipulate it to fit business needs.
  • Affordability – COCC proved to be very competitive in terms of price and continues to be so.
  • System upgrades – COCC offers a yearly upgrade where all changes are based on reviews and feedback from the bank and credit unions’ end users. Each upgrade improves operations, speeds processing time, and stays in-tune with customer needs.
  • Training – From implementation training to power hours, shadow days, and more, COCC offers various levels of instruction.
A Smooth Planning and Implementation Process

First Federal Community Bank set out to choose their in-house team to execute an installation with minimal – if any – flaws. COCC joined weekly staff meetings to walk First Federal through the implementation process and deliver vigorous training that prepared staff beforehand. When the weekend of the implementation came, COCC experts were present at every site to ensure an easy transition. By opening hours Monday, First Federal’s new systems went live and operated smoothly. COCC experts were then present at each location for onsite training and support up to a week after the implementation.

Building a Partnership

From the selection process to the time of the implementation process, COCC’s relationship with First Federal evolved into an area of knowledge and trust. “COCC was able to demonstrate that we could trust them,” Troyer explained. “A relationship like that doesn’t happen often with other companies.”

With continued support via onsite visits, COCC is able to offer suggestions on improvement. “They are able to see things that we didn’t realize we were in need of,” Troyer stated. “The efficiency that we gained from a few shadow days was tremendous.”

Troyer also mentioned that communication continues to play a large role in First Federal Community Bank’s strong partnership with COCC. “We pick up the phone, call, and the issue is resolved – often times while we’re on the line. We very seldom have to call back with issues.”

The COCC Advantage

At COCC, we understand technology’s critical role in the success of today’s financial institutions. Every client interaction we have reflects that understanding and drives COCC’s strategy of delivering and supporting the finest, most cost-effective technology solutions to the financial industry.

With INSIGHT, COCC’s core processing platform based on an open architecture, banks and credit unions can customize their software to operate as one seamless product – from mortgage to lending, payments, and beyond.