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What sets COCC apart from other information technology providers is our focus on the future of the financial services industry. We have always been committed to keeping our clients ahead of the curve — from technical innovations to advancements in core technology — and continue to be a thought leader on topics that affect the industry. COCC provides these financial industry insights to help community banks and credit unions stay aware of the constant changes and challenges in the industry.


COCC Integrations & Fostering FinTech Innovation

The Benefits of Outsourcing

One area to explore to increase the efficiency of your operations is technology outsourcing. While operating your core, security, infrastructure and other solutions in-house may give a sense of control over your process, forming a technology partnership with a trusted company has many benefits.
COCC Integrations & Fostering FinTech Innovation

The COCC Difference

Not all core providers are built the same, ideologically as much as technologically. At COCC, we focus on our clients. Throughout our history, COCC has shaped our mission around providing community financial institutions with industry leading customer service and best-of-breed technology, all at a competitive price.
COCC Integrations & Fostering FinTech Innovation

COCC Integrations & Fostering FinTech Innovation

Combined with next-generation information technology services, COCC’s open, collaborative, and consultative approach to FinTech integration enables our clients to better adapt to market opportunities while meeting unique needs and differentiating themselves in a highly competitive environment.
Security Operations

Security Operations

For all financial institutions today, security has become a major component of a strong business strategy. Banks and credit unions simply cannot survive without addressing defense, detection, and risk management against the vast array of cyber threats that exist today. Security monitoring is a key component of this.
Fully Integrated CRM Suite

The Value of a Fully Integrated CRM Suite

There is immense value in having a CRM suite integrated directly into your financial institution’s core system and accessible in 100% realtime.
Financial Industry Insights: Technology Success

The Secret of Technology Success: Collaboration

Collaboration transforms the banking technology vendor and bank relationship into success.
Financial Industry Insights: LoanVantage

LoanVantage: The Future of Credit Management

In partnership with Vanguard Software Group, COCC is pleased to introduce the LoanVantage commercial credit analysis and decisioning solution.

Talent Management

Introduction to Employee Engagement

The New Model of Recruitment & Retention: An Introduction to Employee Engagement

COCC has been recognized for several years in a row as having particularly engaged employees. COCC’s employee engagement and talent development initiatives are at the forefront in a highly competitive market, and having engaged employees has been critical to COCC’s success.