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Business Process Management

COCC’s WorkFlow Solution enables banks to model, automate and optimize essential banking processes.

Key benefits to this business process management solution are:

  • Visibility

    Model and continually see into operations to increase processing volumes, reduce cycle times, reduce error rates and guarantee adherence to best practices.

  • Compliance

    Establish internal controls and measures while gaining the visibility and audit ability to enforce them.

  • Agility

    Enforce continuous process improvement via real-time activity monitoring with key performance indicators and more responsive exception resolution.

  • Integration

    Present information from multiple back-end systems for process participants (CSRs/agents/managers) to view and use.

  • Accelerated ROI

    Unlike other BPM products which require extensive analysis and time consuming modeling, WorkFlow enables users to map business processes dynamically as employees do their jobs. This innovative capability results in more realistic business models based on actual work. With accurate and actionable models in place, banks experience accelerated deployment and return on investment.

WorkFlow can be used for automating general, everyday processes such as expense reports, correspondence tracking, IT procurement or new employee on-boarding, as well as, core processes such as claims administration, new account processing and trade execution.

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