Executive Dashboards

COCC’s executive dashboards solution is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that provides out-of-the-box executive reporting and dashboards.

This platform is hosted, implemented and supported directly by COCC.

This solution gives financial institutions a complete picture of their business. It provides a single, turn-key data analysis solution. Users have the flexibility to easily customize dashboards and reports to meet their specific needs.

Executive dashboards provide COCC clients a single environment for performing bank data analysis. With this solution, financial institutions can efficiently understand drivers, trends and risks. The information enables banks and credit unions to make more informed, data-driven decisions while improving accountability and ownership. Efficiencies are gained as users spend less time preparing reports and more time acting on easy to understand information.

Our next-generation reporting system securely integrates data from multiple data sources including core, general ledger, and digital channels to quickly provide the information required to proactively manage the bank.

Comprehensive reporting with executive dashboards

Features & Functionality

  • Intuitive dashboards and reports all accessed through your standard browser
  • Unified data warehouse ties together data from core, general ledger, and digital channels
  • Updated daily and maintained with two years of historical balances
  • Enhance corporate performance with pervasive views of critical business drivers
  • Enable and control visibility into operating metrics across the entire organization
  • Increase consistency of measures through a collection of dashboards configured for roles, departments, or individual users
  • Intuitive and customizable dashboards put critical information in the hands of decision-makers at all levels of the organization
  • Engaging reports with filters and drilldowns
  • Unified performance management framework for the entire institution

Optional Modules

  • Community Bank Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Fully integrated with core and General Ledger data
    • Account and instrument level modelling
  • Segmentation Dashboard
    • Add Nielsen’s P$YCHLE data (58 segments divided into 12 lifestage groups)
    • Enhance your customer profiles
    • Identify your most profitable segments
    • Enhance targeted marketing campaigns
Executive dashboards provide key reporting and insights