COCC's Profitability Solution
Created with our longstanding partner Profit Resources, COCC’s profitability solution is a low-cost, turnkey solution that removes the barriers that have long precluded many community financial institutions from adopting a profitability analysis solution. With this unique offering, financial institutions are removed from the traditionally complex setup and ongoing maintenance as typically outsourced or managed by an experienced finance professional.

COCC’s profitability solution is backed by a sophisticated profit analysis engine that uses the institution’s core and general ledger data to provide daily account level profitability results. These results are made available for viewing within core. Data is imported to COCC’s custom reporting environment and integrated within COCC’s executive dashboard solution.

With all of the setup and maintenance done for you, COCC clients enjoy the benefits of profitability analysis without requiring any of the work.


  • Enables financial institutions of various sizes to generate and manage profitability information in a totally integrated, automated operating environment with core, general ledger, and investments.
  • Calculates enterprise-wide profitability from the branch, product and customer/member levels up to the organizational level.
  • Generates comprehensive, accurate and timely customer/member profiles and profitability information.
  • Provides your front-line team with instant access to accurate customer information through portfolio and account/member inquiries.


  • Enables financial institutions to increase revenues, contain costs and improve profits.
  • Enables financial institutions to enhance their competitive position.
  • Enables financial institutions to manage their customer/member relationships more effectively.
  • Provides the comprehensive information required to make more effective and better informed decisions.
  • By gaining new insight into customer profitability, you achieve the critical advantage of understanding which products and services contribute to your most important relationships and how product pricing and customer service decisions can affect an entire relationship, not just the individual customer account.