Online Banking

COCC's Online Banking Solution Team

COCC’s advanced integrated online banking solution delivers the features, efficiency and security that provides clients with the competitiveness they need to position their financial institutions as market leaders in the area of self-service.

Today’s financial services sector uses technology to expand and evolve the growing demand for self-service. Community banks and credit unions are being drawn more deeply into the growth of such products and service, resulting in a trend that will impact the competitive landscape for the next several years.

COCC has recognized this growing need among the members of the cooperative and has made the necessary investments in both personnel and technology to provide our clients with what they need to be competitive as the growth of the self-service environment continues.

The single platform approach simplifies the financial institution’s support, maintenance and daily management tasks. This platform also enables iBanking/iMobile to integrate critical functions, streamline workflows, focus marketing efforts and boost the overall efficiency of the online self-service banking channel.

A look at COCC's Online Banking Solution

COCC’s Online Banking Solution: Features & Functionality

Bill Pay

Bill pay sits as a module directly within iBanking, allowing users to view eBills, add payees, pay multiple bills, and review past activity. COCC’s preferred solution, ACI’s Bill Pay, is fully integrated into the framework of iBanking, allowing for a seamless user experience and a 100% payment guarantee.

Dynamic Content Manager

iBanking enables you to deliver highly relevant messages to the account holders most likely to accept your service offer. The product can target customers or members who meet specific demographic or spending criteria, turning the digital banking channel into a precisely-focused digital touch point.

Personal Financial Management

Personal Financial Management (PFM) is a fully integrated feature in iBanking that provides users with a visual and intuitive tool to help them to achieve their financial goals, featuring expense tracking, goal setting, budgeting, income statements and highly customizable modules.

Retail & Business Banking

iBanking provides business and consumer online banking through a single platform. You decide which features will display to your account holders based on permissions managed by your staff. Businesses will see the functions you make available to them – such as wire and ACH transfers. Consumers will see a different set of functions, such as savings goals (PFM), bill pay and account transfers.


iBanking gives you control over the branding, themes and features presented to your account holders – on your schedule and without development from COCC. Your account holders can also customize their experience, turning iBanking into “my banking” and reinforcing their connection with you.

Colors, logos, the onscreen placement of features, such as bill pay or PFM, even the names of these features are in your hands. You can rename your modules and tailor functions, such as the “submit” button, on the fly as needed.

Remote Deposit Capture

COCC has seamless integration with three primary remote deposit capture (RDC) vendors, providing your users a fully featured experience without needing to log into another website (SSO). In addition, iMobile features direct integration via API for downloadable apps, without the need to maintain a separate RDC app.

Real-Time Alerts

Real time alerts are the product of the close relationship between iBanking and INSIGHT. The alerts are instant notifications of as many as 17 different conditions as they occur. Users can select from a variety of alerts including daily account balance, notice of a large withdrawal, reminders when loan payments are due, and many more. These alerts can be customized by the user for specific dollar amounts or check numbers, and the user may select the dates and times of day they prefer to receive alerts.

Risk Management

All industry standard authentication types are built into the framework of iBanking including Risk Based Authentication, Knowledge Based Authentication, Out of Band Authentication, and Reverse Authentication (anti-phishing). COCC offers positive pay to ensure the validity of checks issued, but also includes integration with Verafin for fraud monitoring and anti-money laundering. Verafin monitors a variety of activity hitting INSIGHT, including ATM & ACH transactions, wires, reconciliation, and transfers. COCC continues to be proactive in protecting user data, constantly finding ways to further remove risk out of the online channel.

Additional Features

ACH File Processing | Account History | Account Nicknames | Agreements | Authorized Users & Entitlements | Check Re-Ordering | Debit Card Management | eStatements | FFIEC Security Compliance | Loan Payments | Online Account Openings | Secure Messaging | Transfers | Wire Transfers