Brent Biernat

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
With over two decades of experience at COCC, Brent H. Biernat has proven to be the best ambassador for the company’s growth. Prior to coming to COCC, Mr. Biernat managed his own computer consulting firm, as well as worked for the University of Connecticut Computer Center. During his time at COCC, Mr. Biernat played a primary role in building the company’s network services platform and managed our security services while leading our numerous technical teams to great success. That experience, coupled with Mr. Biernat’s client-centric focus and leadership, has springboarded him into becoming the perfect answer for COCC’s business development strategy. Since his transition into this role, Mr. Biernat has created a business development team with excellent synergy and energy, enabling the company to sell more effectively than ever before.
Mr. Biernat earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut and an Executive Certificate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management focusing on executive leadership in the field of technology. Mr. Biernat has served on the board of the Connecticut Technology Council and as Chairman of AT&T National Focus Board. Mr. Biernat is a sought out and frequent speaker at financial industry events throughout the country.