Marco F. Bernasconi, Jr.

Senior Vice President & Chief Services Officer
With over two decades of experience at COCC, Marco F. Bernasconi has proven to be the best ambassador for the company’s service initiatives, a role in which he leads the overall strategy for client services, conversions, mergers/acquisitions, relationship management, network services and training.
Prior to coming to COCC, Mr. Bernasconi gathered his extensive knowledge of the financial service industry working in the community banking space as well as for the FDIC. That experience, coupled with Mr. Bernasconi’s client-centric focus and executive leadership make him the perfect answer for COCC’s award winning service strategy.
Mr. Bernasconi earned his bachelor’s degree from Eastern Connecticut State University and has served on the board of the Association for Financial Technologies. Mr. Bernasconi is a sought out and frequent speaker at financial industry events throughout the country.