2022 | Annual Report

The Future of Innovation is Collaboration

Michelle Orsini

VP, Relationship Management
In the midst of the pandemic, a client leveraged their partnership with COCC to deploy innovative technology and a series of in-demand financial services to their customers, resulting in an exponential growth of


This past year has been fast-paced, high-volume, incredibly complex, but most importantly — extremely encouraging. At our recent annual conference, 300 clients were present. Between the hugs, we heard phrases like “we missed COCC,” or “we’re so happy to be part of COCC.” This wasn’t only a post-pandemic reaction; it was a reflection of a deeper understanding that COCC will support you and always be there for you. For our community, these sincere reactions were affirmations that through our growth and the integration of a hybrid workplace we continued to provide positive results for our clients.

In addition to spontaneous hugs at conferences, we have multiple ways of collecting client feedback — from surveys and report cards to meetings and user groups. We make every effort to gather valuable insights so we can provide meaningful support. While we certainly focus on addressing core banking needs, we sometimes go outside our product and service set, identifying opportunities to offer third-party assistance. Why? Because we believe such commitment adds value to the overall relationship and redefines us as a partner, not only a vendor.

Most importantly, when clients present us with challenges, it underscores their trust in us and makes us extremely proud. Our community banks and credit unions have come to know that with COCC they will have an all-encompassing team to ultimately support their community. From executive leadership and relationship managers to comprehensive aspects of technical support, clients have full access and transparency throughout our organization. Frankly, this is what makes COCC unique in the industry. While some financial institutions are waning, those organizations supported by COCC have grown stronger — and they will continue to do so.

As we head toward our 60-year milestone, we’re excited for what’s ahead. For some companies, the pandemic experience was an anchor, but for COCC it was a catapult. We demonstrated an ability to make changes quickly and were very nimble in responding to our clients’ evolving needs. There were moments we weren’t sure we were going to be able to pull it off, but we did. Now, we are able to harness that momentum and bring it forward with different initiatives. We developed new ways to communicate with clients, installed a new case management portal, and found new ways to be inclusive. It’s exciting to think ahead to what we can accomplish next, together.

Client Engagement

Increase from 2019 to 2022