Internship Program

College students from a variety of schools and majors are invited to apply for summer internships in departments across the company. These robust opportunities don’t just mean getting coffee and making copies—these are true hands-on internships. Interns have helped with major projects and have benefited from the chance to spend their summer working for a top-rated company.

Fun Teambuilding Events!

  • Escape Room Competition
  • Yard Goats Game
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Cookouts
  • Hiking
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Bowling
  • Trivia

Interns are invited to participate in team building events and an end-of-summer group project. The project tasks the interns with demonstrating what they learned during their internship experience while providing insight into how we might improve the program for future interns. They are also encouraged to have fun and get creative! COCC will continue to take some of the ideas inspired by the group project and intern feedback in order to expand on this program to ensure that students get the most out of their time interning at COCC.

Interns since 2014


of interns agree that the internship gave the opportunity to apply education to work environment


Interns Hired into Permanent Positions


of interns agree that the working environment was positive & enjoyable

Intern Testimonials


I loved working with COCC, it is a company I would strive to continue working for in the future. My team was so welcoming and truly made me feel comfortable and valued throughout my experience. The tasks I was assigned were compelling, challenging, and informative. I was encouraged to work to my full potential without holding anything back.

I chose COCC because I had heard really positive things about the people at the company; that everyone was really pleasant to work with. Having a positive working environment was very important to me.
It was important for me to learn how the company efficiently operates on a normal basis and during COVID-19. My team has been fabulous! No complaints anywhere, everyone’s been a dream to work with.

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