Marketing Services

COCC’s digital marketing services empowers our clients to leverage their data and COCC’s expertise to set up and manage digital marketing campaigns. With a subscription to this service, the staff at COCC will utilize tools integrated with our core and digital banking solutions to define, configure, and monitor digital marketing campaigns. Working in conjunction with your in-house or outsourced marketing team, COCC can work through the mechanics to help you execute on your digital marketing strategy. Where your marketing resources may not be available, COCC can suggest common campaigns and even work with you to design the creatives required to engage users and experience a lift in product and feature adoption.

COCC’s Marketing Services enables financial institutions to fully leverage the existing marketing features of COCC’s digital banking platform to communicate a consistent brand image and reach end-users.

Marketing Analytics

COCC’s Marketing Analytics solution utilizes Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs) to activate customer data to deliver personalized experiences. The analytics engine uses detailed demographic, product and transaction data to individually model the changing lifestyle of each customer while attributing a series of KLIs.

With Marketing Analytics, your institution can leverage your data to deliver a truly targeted customer experience.

  • Drive the highest levels of cross-sell, new customer acquisition and client engagement while maximizing marketing efficiency
  • Measure effectiveness of campaigns to maximize ROI
  • Securely activate all of your data