Managed Services

Digital Banking Call Center

COCC’s Digital Banking Call Center enables institutions to extend its contact center for handling the digital banking assistance needs of your end users. COCC’s talented service agents take requests directly from end users providing support for issues with login, bill pay, navigation, registration, security concerns and more.

With 24-hour, 7 day a week support, the team is dedicated to assisting financial institution’s end users with online banking, mobile banking, and bill payment support. The COCC Call Center team maintains an open line of communication with the financial institution’s utilizing the service to share call information to allow clients to track trending issues and take actions to benefit their customers/members.

The COCC Call Center’s goal is to provide personalized customer care based on each financial institution’s needs. The options for support include:

  • 24×7 support
  • After-Hours support
  • Post conversion support

Hosted Infrastructure

COCC’s Infrastructure as a Service is a secure, scalable cloud computing platform that provides clients with resizable-on-demand compute capacity in COCC’s geographically diverse datacenters. It is designed to provide tools that enable customers to run virtual servers and workstations along with a wide range of applications, making IT management easier, faster, and simpler. Using thin client terminals onsite, clients access their virtual machines via a secure, high availability cloud environment instead of having to maintain individual computers at the branch. With COCC’s Infrastructure as a Service, financial institutions can increase or decrease computing capacity seamlessly, removing the need to constantly acquire new hardware or maintain physical servers. With COCC managing your infrastructure, your entire staff is able to access your environment remotely, increasing your flexibility without stretching your technology.

Marketing Services

COCC’s digital marketing services empowers our clients to leverage their data and COCC’s expertise to set up and manage digital marketing campaigns. With a subscription to this service, the staff at COCC will utilize tools integrated with our core and digital banking solutions to define, configure, and monitor digital marketing campaigns. Working in conjunction with your in-house or outsourced marketing team, COCC can work through the mechanics to help you execute on your digital marketing strategy. Where your marketing resources may not be available, COCC can suggest common campaigns and even work with you to design the creatives required to engage users and experience a lift in product and feature adoption.

COCC’s Marketing Services enables financial institutions to fully leverage the existing marketing features of COCC’s digital banking platform to communicate a consistent brand image and reach end-users.

Continuous Security Monitoring

COCC provides a hosted Security Operations Center (SOC), offering a 24x7x365 Continuous Security Monitoring service for clients. The Continuous Monitoring Service is designed to monitor a client’s network for potential threats and respond to those threats as quickly as possible. We will accomplish this by gathering and analyzing data from different systems within the institution.

Report Writer as a Service

With COCC’s Report Writer as a Service, financial institutions can leverage the skills and knowledge of a COCC Report Writer to work exclusively on their custom report writing needs. The Report Writer will leverage tools currently available to the institution, such as Total Vision, DataMart, Crystal Reports and Executive Dashboards, to build customized reports to fit the institution’s unique needs.

With Report Writer as a Service, you get the benefit of an asset who is dedicated to your institution as if they were your own employee. Your institution does not have to worry about challenges associated with staffing for the position. COCC will recruit, hire, train and manage this individual, and will provide all the technology and human resources support necessary for a COCC employee. Plus, the dedicated Report Writer will work alongside COCC employees, benefiting not only from the knowledge provided by their experience in the field, but also from the COCC culture that consistently lands among the top work environments in Connecticut.

Through Report Writer as a Service, your institution can save valuable time and money, while more efficiently providing your institution the information it needs to manage and grow its business and support its customers and members.


  • Report Writer dedicated entirely to your FI for custom report writing needs
  • Recruited, hired and trained by COCC
  • Leverages tools the FI has access to
  • FI will gain the expertise of the COCC resource who can accomplish report writing tasks efficiently

Software Developer as a Service

COCC’s Software Developer as a Service enables institutions to meet its unique needs by contracting with COCC for a resource dedicated to the institution’s ongoing custom development efforts. You set the priorities for a COCC employee that is dedicated to your organization. Utilizing SDKs and APIs, the developer can build custom Insight workflows, apps, reports, and API extensions for integrating with new FinTech partners. The iBanking SDK provides similar capabilities such as building new iBanking/iMobile modules or SSO functions to third party resources.


  • Developer dedicated entirely to your FI for custom report writing needs
  • Recruited, hired and trained by COCC
  • FI will gain the expertise of the COCC resource who can accomplish software development tasks efficiently