Network Services

COCC’s network services combine a collection of enterprise-class solutions curated to deliver the highest levels of security and performance.


COCC’s Patching solution is an automated patch detection and deployment technology for distribution of critical/recommended patches via COCC’s secure connection. This service resolves known security vulnerabilities and other stability issues in Microsoft operating systems as well as many third-party Windows software packages.


Data Communication Services

COCC offers a wide variety of communication services based on the client’s needs and availability of providers in the area. COCC will determine the amount of bandwidth and networking design to maximize the efficiency and load balance data transfer between COCC and the institution.


Backup as a Service

COCC’s Backup as a Service is an end-to-end software and hardware backup and recovery solution delivered as a managed service.


WAN Monitoring 24×7

COCC monitors all network circuits 24 hours a day and addresses performance line degradation prior to incidents. This process enables COCC to take preventative measures for true backbone support. COCC’s monitoring system automatically alerts our technical support staff whenever circuit trouble is detected. Escalations follow business rules.