TrueChecks delivers real-time responses on counterfeit, NSF, Closed Account, Duplicate, and many other fraudulent items. This fast, easy-to-use check fraud detection solution stops fraudulent deposits at the teller line before they hit your bottom line. This empowers your team to stop fraud at the source. By identifying “high risk” items, including items over your institution’s dollar amount guidelines, items drawn on new accounts, cashier’s checks, and items drawn on accounts from out of the state/country, you can bolster your institution’s deposit operations

Identify Fraud in Real-Time

  • Delivers real-time responses
  • Displays Reg CC-recommended action and associated risk
  • Front-line protection and administration support
  • Aids in check loss prevention Identifies fraud across deposit channels

National, Comprehensive Database of Negative Information


bad check alerts in our database


new alerts added each month

This product is part of the Item Processing Group and does require that clients use TIC.