Digital Banking

COCC’s Digital Banking solution is your virtual branch, empowering community institutions to deliver a consistent financial experience across all digital channels, resulting in high levels of customer adoption, engagement and satisfaction.

Digital & Mobile Banking

Tightly integrated with our core, this comprehensive end-to-end solution delivers the features, efficiency and security that your users demand. This gives institutions a competitive digital offering to position themselves as market leaders in self-service banking.

COCC partnered with the leading design firm behind some of the world’s most successful apps to deliver an experience-driven digital banking solution aimed at delighting your users. One-click navigation to the most common features and a simplified menu layout, users can easily take care of their banking needs. The streamlined styling offers a modern, user-friendly interface for an enhanced account holder experience across online and mobile banking.

A single dynamic solution serving consumer and business needs across online and mobile banking simplifies the financial institution’s support, maintenance and daily management tasks by integrating critical functions, streamlining workflows, focusing marketing efforts and boosting the overall efficiency of the digital self-service banking channel.

Digital Account Opening

COCC offers a full suite of digital account opening solutions to fill your institution’s needs and enhance your digital growth opportunities. Easy to use and fully integrated to the core, our digital account opening provides a streamlined approach for your team, your existing users and new customers.

COCC’s digital account opening solutions are integrated directly with COCC’s core system to simplify online customer acquisition and boost digital growth. With real-time account opening your entire financial institution stays in sync with online leads to provide a consistent experience across all channels.

Advanced security and automation provide a hands-off approach to managing account opening. Speed and convenience are the drivers of a successful online account opening system. End users benefit from features such as CIF automation via photo ID scanning, eSign, responsive design, simplified product selection and real time account opening.

Digital Banking Call Center

COCC’s Digital Banking Call Center enables institutions to extend its contact center for handling the digital banking assistance needs of your end users. COCC’s talented service agents take requests directly from end users providing support for issues with login, bill pay, navigation, registration, security concerns and more.

With 24-hour, 7 day a week support, the team is dedicated to assisting financial institution’s end users with online banking, mobile banking, and bill payment support. The COCC Call Center team maintains an open line of communication with the financial institution’s utilizing the service to share call information to allow clients to track trending issues and take actions to benefit their customers/members.

The COCC Call Center’s goal is to provide personalized customer care based on each financial institution’s needs. The options for support include:

  • 24×7 support
  • After-Hours support
  • Post conversion support