COCC's Core Solution


COCC’s Core Banking Solution Provides Integrated Technology for the Heart of Your Institution

Successful financial institutions do more than process accounts — they enhance relationships with each contact, whether online, in-branch or via debit card. COCC’s .Net core banking solution is designed for relationship building. Using advanced Oracle® database and Windows® technology, this system supports a broad range of banking strategies with flexibility to meet changing market conditions and automation for maximum efficiency. This integrated system gives your institution:

  • A vast, flexible database capable of storing valuable customer information such as source of funds, employment history and relationships.
  • State-of-the-art information access to identify customers and members on sight and make service notes to ensure a consistent experience at every touch point.
  • True product flexibility to help your organization match its products to current market needs.
  • Streamlined navigation, starting with single sign-on to all functions. Built-in “Wizards” guide staff through account opening, balancing and other key functions.
  • Automated access to third party solutions for marketing, background checks, check cashing and electronic document archiving.
  • Prescribed workflows to enforce institutional policies and procedures with reporting to demonstrate that policies are followed by all staff.
  • The consistent interface reduces training requirements and delivering a consistent customer experience. Your financial institution can bookmark frequently used screens for easy access and greater efficiencies.
Core Banking Solution

COCC’s Core Banking Solution

State-of-the-art technology keeps COCC on the leading edge of all the latest enhancements. Sharing information, adapting to the rapid pace of regulatory changes, new product requirements and new types of information, such as driver’s license photographs and fingerprints, is the strength of COCC’s .Net core system.

Features & Functionality


The INSIGHT CRM suite is integrated directly into core and accessible in 100% real-time.

Contact Management

0Centralize all of your interactions with customers/members. Workflows track any needed follow-up, and staff can identify and report trends on customer/members needs and issues. View real-time email and online notifications, along with pop-up alerts for events already in-progress.

Service Dashboard

The Service Dashboard displays the entire customer/member non-account relationship. Dashboards are customizable to track products and services, enabling users to understand precisely what your customers/members use. Users can view historical usage of products and services, as well as a breakdown of how accountholders transact.


The householding module enables linking of customers/members into households based on common characteristics through an automated creation and maintenance process. Users can define specific household properties and identify household trends.

Sales & Referral Tracking

Track all of your sales goals and progress in real-time. The built-in workflow routes all the way from referral to sale in a CIF-centric system. Real-time reporting dashboards and incentive earnings are available. Part of the new account workflow, this feature is fully automated and flexible.


The profit profile displays accountholder grades to quickly identify rankings. The module integrates with the industry leader in profitability calculations and provides easy access to account-level profitability detail.

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