Cybersecurity & Risk Management

A company’s security policy dictates the way they conduct network security at every level. This includes consistent, automatic auditing against internal, industry, and regulatory rules and standards. With network and information security specialists on staff, COCC is well equipped to deliver managed security services and solutions to fortify existing security policies or implement a new one.

Continuous Security Monitoring (CSM)

COCC provides a hosted Security Operations Center (SOC), offering a 24x7x365 Continuous Security Monitoring service for clients. CSM is designed to monitor a client’s network for potential threats and respond to those threats as quickly as possible. We will accomplish this by gathering and analyzing data from different systems within the institution.

Email Encryption with DLP

COCC’s Email Encryption and Data-Loss Prevention (DLP) Service is designed to provide a convenient and straightforward way for financial institutions to exchange sensitive information with external customers and other third parties.

Remote Access

COCC partners with Gotomypc to offer secure remote access with two-factor authentication, allowing clients to see a real-time image of the computer screen from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Secure Webhosting

COCC’s web hosting infrastructure provides clients with a robust solution that ensures security, reliability and flexibility. COCC’s web hosting platforms are configured to conform to best-practice standards to protect your public website from the latest threats and provide a great experience for your customers or members.

Web Filtering/Internet Security

As part of our security offerings, COCC provides enterprise-grade web filtering services to help control Internet access from your organization and defend against Internet-borne threats.


Managed EDR

In an ever-changing and complex cybersecurity threat landscape, Managed EDR provides clients with enhanced threat detection and response capabilities to protect their environments from adversaries. This cutting-edge solution combines the technology of an industry leading EDR platform with the holistic cybersecurity visibility, 24x7x365 response capabilities, expertise, and partnership of the COCC Security Operations Center (SOC).

The Irreplaceable Benefits of Continuous Security Monitoring