Item Processing

COCC offers a complete Item Processing solution comprising full image capture and research capabilities, full support for day two item processing and the latest technology in the detection of encoding errors, CAR/LAR read rates and duplicate posting. COCC’s Item Processing services range from Branch, Teller and Merchant Capture, Lockbox services, Image ATMs, check images, and eStatements.


Teller/Branch Image Capture

COCC offers a teller capture solution that allows tellers to scan items at the time of the transaction, for immediate posting to the customer’s account. Upon scanning, all information is automatically populated into the COCC’s core system, reducing manual entry, increasing accuracy and the improving speed of transaction processing. COCC also offers enhanced fraud prevention integration. Leveraging the network of one of the nation’s leading fraud prevention solutions, an institution can instantly compare items against a national database to provide further protection on your teller line.