Cash Management Suite

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COCC’s Cash Management Suite, INSIGHT ACH Manager, delivers flexibility and automation to financial institutions and their business customers. Flexible features enable businesses to originate their own ACH transactions online and your staff to review and verify all requests electronically. Pre-funding (good funds) is fully supported.

Because INSIGHT ACH Manager is fully integrated with INSIGHT, it is an automated rules-based workflow engine. Incoming ACH is automatically screened for OFAC matches and structured transactions through Verafin.

INSIGHT ACH Manager can:

  • Separate and hold exception batches from the main ACH file.
  • Validate daily ACH limits at the account level.
  • Auto-generate email and notify the lender for approval.
  • ACH return reporting to help your risk management efforts.
  • Automatically report transactions to accounting and recorded them in an online archive for full research and reporting.
  • Offers the ability to pre-fund or place a management hold on the funding account.

Enhanced Account Analysis

COCC provides two levels of account analysis to support your needs: INSIGHT Account Analysis and FIS Extended Account Analysis (XAA). Through our INSIGHT suite of services, your bank can set up relationship accounts to consolidate balances and earnings credits. Information from other systems such as lockbox and third-party online banking platforms can be entered into the analysis system automatically.

XAA takes your bank to the next level—serving highly sophisticated cash management clients. This system offers the ability for managing exception pricing and waive pricing, modeling, re-pricing and other customized features.

Positive Pay

COCC offers an in-house solution to help your corporate clients prevent fraud. This system combines check positive pay with payee name match, ACH positive pay and full account reconciliation. The features of this system include:

  • ACH positive pay including exceptions for unauthorized ACH activity.
  • Automated emails and alerts to notify customers when exception items are present.
  • Automated processing of submitted issued check files to eliminate manual intervention.
  • Online check reconciliation assists customers with balancing to their bank statement.
  • Online exception management enables the customer to make pay/return decisions via the web for both check exceptions and ACH exceptions.
  • Electronic comparison of the submitted payee name to the payee on the check image.
  • Single sign-on to iBanking.


COCC offers certified lockbox processors to give you the flexibility to accommodate your level of lockbox activity. Transactions from these processors are transmitted automatically to COCC in x.937 file format where they are included in the appropriate account records for reporting and account analysis.

Cash Management Suite
Cash Management Suite of Products

Deposit Capture

COCC works with the most popular Remote Deposit Capture solutions on the market today. Our experienced staff can help you determine the best solution for your financial institution and the best strategies for implementation and operation. COCC partners with exceptional third party vendors to offer mobile and deposit capture. COCC, also, offers direct mobile and desktop integration with some of its third party vendors for a seamless iBanking experience.

Our best practices includes risk management strategies and operational procedures. Our staff of remote capture experts is available to help you through any operational issue and to assist with risk mitigation.

Wire Transfer

This advanced system, which is fully integrated with INSIGHT and iBanking, provides online notification and approval processing for all wire transfers, particularly customer-initiated activity via online business banking systems as well as transactions initiated at the branch. Activity is screened automatically for structured transactions and OFAC matches through Verafin. All transactions are automatically reported to accounting and recorded in an online archive for full research and reporting. WITS will act as your agent to the Federal Reserve and can automate the pulling and pushing of wires. The WITS system is Dodd Frank compliant.