Cash Management Suite

COCC’s Cash Management Suite delivers flexibility and automation to financial institutions and their business customers.

ACH Manager

Flexible features enable businesses to originate their own ACH transactions online and your staff to review and verify all requests electronically. ACH Manager is tightly integrated with COCC’s core solution and is an automated rules-based workflow engine.

Account Analysis

Using COCC’s Account Analysis, financial institutions can leverage deposit and loan account data, in addition to information from other systems, to consolidate balances and earnings credits for your commercial customers.


COCC offers three certified lockbox processors to give you the flexibility to accommodate your level of lockbox activity. Transactions from these processors are transmitted automatically to COCC where they are included in the appropriate account records for reporting and account analysis.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an effective feature desired by many businesses looking for an added layer of account protection. COCC’s Positive Pay solution combines check positive pay, payee name match, ACH positive pay, and full account reconciliation. The system allows business customers to manage positive pay items online with single sign-on access through COCC’s digital banking solution.

Wire Transfer

COCC’s wire transfer system facilitates institutions wire handling workflow fully integrated with our core banking and digital banking solutions. The system provides an online notification and approval process for wire transfers initiated either in the branch or through the digital channel. Our system acts as your institution’s agent to the Federal Reserve to automate the pulling and pushing of wires. Activity can be automatically screened for OFAC and to identify suspicious transactions.