January 2, 2024 | Press Release

2024 January Promotions

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. – The COCC Board of Directors has approved four promotions within our Officer team effective January 1, 2024. These promotions are proof of these individuals’ knowledge, commitment, vision, and leadership as they work to ensure COCC’s continued success.  


Lisa Fabiaschi

Vice President, Business Development

Over the past eight years, Lisa has been a key member of the business development team by assisting in the growth of new core clients and overall sales success. Lisa currently oversees our core sales territory managers, sales support staff, and demo environment, as well as managing her own core deals. Before starting her sales career, Lisa was responsible for recruiting at COCC, where she developed a passion for spreading the word of our service model. She continues that messaging today to prospective banks and credit unions, consultants, industry associations, and market influencers. Lisa’s professionalism and ability to represent COCC in a positive and trusting manner have been instrumental to our core sales success.

Ryan Greenier

Vice President, Security Infrastructure

Ryan has proven to be an invaluable asset as a hands-on leader for guiding internal security operations. He consistently ensures that our security architecture remains ahead of the curve in tandem with our evolving business needs. His knowledge in this field has been nothing short of instrumental in guaranteeing the continued success and security of COCC. In a company as intricately woven as ours, where multiple complex functions intersect, the importance of a robust and resilient infrastructure cannot be overstated. Ryan’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to fortifying our security defenses have shielded us from numerous threats and vulnerabilities today and in the future. Ryan will continue to manage the Security Architecture and Engineering, Security Administration, and Technical Risk Management teams.

Nick St. Pierre

Vice President, Accounting

Nick has done an outstanding job leading COCC’s accounting team, consistently demonstrating expertisein accounting, financial reporting, and budgeting. He has been a key contributor to our product P&Ls,ensuring COCC has a strong understanding of product profitability and the ability to project futurerevenues. Nick’s continued focus on looking for efficiencies in our processes along with scaling ouraccounting team for future success has earned him this next step as Vice President. In this elevated role,Nick will continue to manage our accounting team

Anu Vadali

Vice President, Software Development

Since joining COCC over 15 years ago as a developer in our Web Programming team, Anu has delivered valued solutions for COCC and our clients. She currently leads all of the teams within the Strategic Development area of Software Development and is a consistent example of how to lead through teamwork and cross-department collaboration. Over the last few years, she has been a critical part of evolving our software development vision and practices as we transitioned into an agile development methodology. Anu’s collaborative style and passion to deliver for our customers will continue to be vital to COCC’s ability to offer software solutions in the future. Anu’s steadfast dedication to supporting her teams while also working to deliver results has made her a key senior leader within the Software Development division.



As we look at the future of our business, we will continue to grow and change in response to our advancing industry, new service offerings, and unique client base.


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