December 21, 2023 | Success Story

A Community Connection

COCC’s Formula for Culture, Family and Collaboration.

Every year, COCC works tirelessly to share their commitment to collaboration. One such event presents itself during the holiday season: the annual Santa Meet & Greet, which stands out as a special initiative, is meticulously planned to unite employees and their families in a festive celebration.

Behind the scenes, the event’s success is a result of months of thorough planning and teamwork. The early summer marks the beginning of preparations, with a dedicated ensemble from various internal teams across COCC including Digital Communications, Workplace Services, Facilities, People Success, Talent Management, and Talent Development coming together to plan and implement the event. This collaboration highlights COCC’s cohesive work environment and the value placed on collective effort.

The Santa Meet & Greet event is such a cornerstone of COCC’s employee engagement offerings that during the holiday season of 2020, when quarantine and social distancing were still at the forefront, COCC transitioned the event to an outdoor, drive-through model. Now, with 2023 marking COCC’s fifth year hosting the Santa Meet & Greet, this year’s event saw its largest ever turnout with an impressive 84 employee families signed up, including 337 adults and 149 children in attendance.

Employees are welcomed to bring not just their children, but also nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and close family friends, expanding the circle of joy each year. This sense of inclusivity is a core aspect of COCC’s workplace ethos. Beyond the festive cheer, COCC ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. While awaiting their Santa visit, children are entertained in a room filled with holiday movies, games, and coloring activities. The reintroduction of a catered buffet breakfast this year added a shared and celebratory dimension to the event.

Every child at the event is treated to a magical experience. They enjoy personal time with Santa and Buddy the Elf, receive a carefully selected gift, and have the opportunity for professional photos – moments that families cherish. Such thoughtful engagement underlines COCC’s commitment to creating special experiences for its employees and their families.

The Santa Meet & Greet at COCC is not just an event; it’s a reflection of the COCC’s commitment to their people that showcases the dedication to building a strong, inclusive workplace culture. The event’s yearly success is a tribute to the individuals and teams that make it happen – a group that embodies COCC’s values of collaboration, inclusivity, and community.


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