February 7, 2017 | Press Release

Abington Bank Selects COCC as New Core Technology Partner

Abington Bank Selects COCC as New Core Technology Partner

January, 2017, Southington, Conn. – COCC, a leading provider of core financial technology solutions, is pleased to announce that Abington Bank has selected COCC as its new core technology partner.

Abington Bank, a $135 million bank headquartered in Abington, Massachusetts, was in search of a new core provider with integrated technology, expert support and partnership structure to help the bank deliver advanced services and customer support.

“We are very impressed by COCC’s technology and believe it will provide our users at Abington Bank the tools, resources and flexibility they need to do their job best. Aside from their technology, we are very pleased with the management and COCC team, their interaction, communication, and commitment to service. COCC was the vendor we believed strategically aligned with us the best,” said Andrew J. Raczka, President and CEO of Abington Bank.

For more than 50 years, COCC has continued to focus on delivering world class technology and service. “Our leading edge technology solutions and support philosophy are the key factors in delivering the financial services that today’s customers demand. We are excited that Abington Bank will use our unique combination of innovative technology and partnership as a driver for efficient growth,” said Richard A. Leone, COCC’s CEO.


About Abington Bank
Abington Bank, a $135 million bank headquartered in Abington, MA, just recently announced their merger with Holbrook Co-operative Bank, creating a South Shore financial institution with $240 million in assets. The 128 year old bank’s mission is to remain committed to their communities, making their operations more efficient and offering more services for customers.

About COCC
COCC is an award-winning client-owned financial technology company servicing financial institutions throughout the Northeastern United States. Launched in 1967, COCC was founded by its clients. This unique cooperative structure has set COCC apart from the competition and is one of the driving forces behind their success. COCC is the fastest growing financial data processing company in the United States and recognized as a leader in delivering innovation and the quality service financial institutions demand and deserve.

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