COCC's COVID-19 Response

Supporting our clients

With the uncertainty we currently find ourselves in surrounding COVID-19, COCC has worked to ensure that our clients can continue their operations and bring stability to their communities. By striving to provide innovative solutions to the issues facing our clients during the pandemic, COCC has remained focused on serving our clients so that they can focus on serving the needs of their communities. Through our business continuity planning, we have continued to serve our clients with more than 95% of our COCC team working remote.

Business Continuity

  • With more than 95% of our staff working remote, COCC was able to continue working for our clients while maintaining social distancing.
  • We have maintained constant client contact throughout the pandemic, using all our communication channels to inform our clients of COCC updates, educate them about fraud/scams, and inform them about new solutions to help their communities.


  • To assist our clients with the CARES Act and the SBA Paycheck Protection Plan, COCC created a web app for clients to accept and manage the high volume of loan applications.
  • COCC provided guidance to our clients to manage skipped loan payments in order to further assist their borrowers impacted by the pandemic.
  • We developed automated systems to help our clients efficiently and effectively manage an increase in loan deferrals and payment modifications.
  • COCC hosted a series of webinars designed to assist our clients with loan payment deferral procedures.

Outsourced Services

  • COCC’s Call Center has helped our clients’ customers to enroll in digital banking, access their digital accounts, and process transactions while also fielding questions about stimulus checks and account information.
  • Our Call Center team has maintained an average customer wait time of less than 90 seconds, reducing the volume of calls that would otherwise flood our clients’ phone lines while maintaining the highest customer service standards.
  • Our iWorkstation solution helped many of our institutions to operate much of their staff remotely without impacting the user experience.
  • Our Marketing Services team has run digital campaigns for clients, messaging COVID-19 updates to their customers and highlighting digital solutions to enable end-users to manage their finances while maintaining social distancing standards.
  • Our Security Operations Center (SOC) has kept 24/7 watch over clients, monitoring for threats to our financial institutions while also proactively advising our clients of potential increases in cyberattacks and fraudulent activity.

Client Relations

  • We have remained accessible to our clients through our Client Services and Relationship Management teams.
  • We have hosted a variety of training and informational webinars regarding new lending procedures, the Digital SBA PPP loan app, product enhancements and more.
  • Through regular email updates, a dedicated client discussion forum and an enhanced client service portal, our COCC team is able to continue to serve our clients and their specific needs throughout the pandemic.

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