Success Stories

Today’s community financial institutions are increasingly adept at adapting to today’s changing financial services industry. With new technologies, more advanced customer needs and more opportunities for banking online and on mobile, community banks are looking for ways to innovate while retaining and attracting customers.

COCC works with community financial institutions to adapt as well. COCC’s open core system and flexible, extensible technologies are perfectly poised to not only help community banks stay open, but to help them flourish and grow even in times of change.


COCC helps to keep the lights on at your local financial institution.

Here are some of the ways how:


Rapid Adaptation with Flexible Infrastructure

When Chelsea Groton Bank implemented COCC’s iWorkstation infrastructure, it did so with the intention of running the institution more efficiently and securely with an eye towards future growth and technology capability. At that time, the bank had no idea just how...

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Using APIs to Reach a Nationwide Community

OneUnited leveraged COCC’s open architecture and existing APIs to integrate their new platform directly into the INSIGHT core, allowing for real-time data integration and a streamlined account opening process.

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