Business Intelligence

COCC’s Business Intelligence Suite Total Vision is a robust solution that brings together the best in data management, query and analysis, reporting, information portals, desktop integration and more. In short it’s a premier browser based business intelligence suite. With Total Vision, time and resources will shift away from gathering, preparing and disseminating information to afford more time to efficiently use the results and make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence refers to a system or a group of systems used to derive value from data by presenting it an easy to use and actionable manner. These platforms include the tools used to collect the data along with systems used to report, display and distribute key information. To that end, the following components are at the core of our Total Vision platform.

COCC Data Mart

The COCC Data Mart is a hosted Oracle database updated daily with warehouse data including transaction information with tables and fields very similar to those found in the InfoVision2 ad-hoc reporting extracts.

Business Objects (with InfoView portal)

Business Objects delivers to users the InfoView portal. This is a browser based environment that among other things facilitates report scheduling, distribution via email, publication to the portal, customized web-based query engine and more.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is to reporting as Excel is to spreadsheets. The de facto industry standard reporting tool is used by content developers to create publication quality content such as reports that are viewed through the portal. These can be traditional reports received in email as a pdf, viewed through the InfoView portal with drill-down abilities and more.

Data Integration

Data is extracted and organized from disparate sources while being transformed and loaded into a managed data mart. Key data, including INSIGHT and Oracle Financials General Ledger data, is updated daily enabling timely analysis along with historical and comparative reporting.


Of ultimate importance is the creation, formatting, and delivering of information throughout the institution. This is the foundation of a broad business intelligence strategy that starts out with the basic need to deliver critical information in a timely manner.

With the ease of publishing reports to the InfoView portal, users can view reports with embedded drill-to details and other hyperlinks. By leveraging the power of Crystal Reports within a browser based portal, traditional flat reporting is transformed into multi-dimensional, presentation quality content.

Web Intelligence

Based on your institution’s uniquely defined business needs COCC can combine selected data elements into a reporting “Universe” that allows casual users to create ad hoc queries by simply dragging and dropping fields in a browser based query tool. This intuitive web-based query builder enables users to access data without requiring experience in traditional report writing.


This Microsoft Office plug-in allows office documents to access the data source directly enabling automatic updates of the contents without keying in current data. Data is pulled from the database and presented in a PowerPoint presentation, Word document, or Excel spreadsheet. Additionally, LiveOffice can be used to enable office documents to pull data and totals from other reports stored within Total Vision.

Query and Analysis

The Web Intelligence tool allows users to interact with information and answer ad hoc questions with limited knowledge of the underlying data sources and structure. Ad hoc results can be instantly exported into spreadsheets or other familiar formats. These “intelligent documents” can also be published to the enterprise for scheduled distribution and wide scale access. Web Intelligence works within Universes designed to meet the specific needs of your functional business teams.

Performance Management

By implifying the “story” told with a report, intuitive, visual dashboard components can help users analyze and manage key business measurements. Focus on the business drivers while viewing graphics that summarize information into easy to use, actionable measures. The basic dashboard-style graphics can be used to display key metrics while transforming data into a valuable strategic asset.

A Common Solution for Everyone

Reporting is a basic business requirement that must be embraced by the institution. Production reports need to be complemented with custom reporting that meets the specific needs of an institution, department, or individual.

Total Vision’s browser-based integration presents powerful tools through a simple-to-use user interface. Users can get their information through a single, centralized source, in a way they can easily understand it. Total Vision becomes the “one source of truth” with an intuitive user interface and navigation. Create, manage, and deliver content (e.g. reports) to end users via the browser-based architecture of COCC’s business intelligence suite.

In addition to reports and graphs, other objects can be stored in the Total Vision enterprise. For example, spreadsheets can be created and edited within Excel while being saved directly into Total Vision. While functioning as standard Excel spreadsheets they can also serve as report data sources. Spreadsheet content can be automatically pulled into custom reports alongside traditional data from the COCC data mart.

Total Vision helps to shrink the gap between the data and your ability to analyze and understand it. It satisfies the varying needs of reporting, query and analysis, and performance management. From executives to analysts, Total Vision can reach across all areas of the institution. Where each user has a unique set of skills and capabilities, they can all access the same platform.

COCC's Business Intelligence Suite is a robust solution

Time-Saving Automation

Users no longer need to remember to produce specific reports on certain days, while manually printing or emailing the results to the proper audience. Utilizing Total Vision’s simple yet powerful automated scheduling and distribution tools, reports can be setup for hands-off generation at predetermined intervals.
Total Vision unlocks the data, delivering it through a variety of formats and interfaces including emailed reports, web-based query and analysis, Microsoft Office documents, and portals.


Enable Users with Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting

Every day, users need to answer ad hoc questions and interact with data. Through the use of Web Intelligence, Total Vision provides powerful yet intuitive tools that allow users to serve themselves with minimal training and little knowledge of the underlying data sources.

Ad hoc query and analysis integrates powerful analytic functionality into a single interface. As results are returned, they can easily be “snapped” to a spreadsheet as desired. These tools are ideal for users who need
to simply reformat, sort or filter for specific information. This can all be done without any involvement from the original report developer(s).

Multiple Formats to Meet Varied Needs

By extending the reach of information to all users within your institution, Total Vision redefines the way you capture and share knowledge of your business. Once a report is created, you can publish it to the InfoView portal, email, export to .pdf, Excel and more.

Users can be granted (or denied) access to multiple styles of reporting and analytical tools all within our single platform. Report designers can remain focused on the truly sophisticated and critical reports. The result is end-user power and control with lower total cost of ownership.

Desktop Integration

With Total Vision you can leverage Microsoft Office as a managed environment for decision making and analysis. With the LiveOffice plug-in to Microsoft Office, users can sort and filter information, refresh reports, print reports and embed live report data into popular file formats such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Drive Your Performance

Data is increasingly recognized as a valuable asset for any institution. Unfortunately many organizations struggle with how to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. All of this is needed to fuel improved decision making. Use Total Vision to provide actionable information, supporting fact-based, objective decision making. With a more efficient flow of information, not only can managers make better informed decisions, but the information flow becomes a key method of communication used to align the institution to its strategies.

Security & Flexibility

System management is easy thanks to a complete browser-based management console. Your administrators have the ability to control access by user or groups of users, often with a focus on the specific needs of individual business units. Ultimately you have the ability to broaden your staff’s capabilities by controlling access to a wide range of functions from the simple viewing of reports to interacting with advanced query and analysis tools.

Total Vision Meets Your Expanding Needs

Through one integrated solution for data management, reporting, analysis and distribution of content, Total Vision provides your institution with the power you need to better understand your business and its data. Over time, the need for and use of business intelligence will continue to evolve and become one of the most important business solutions in which your institution will invest.

Implementation & Training

Total Vision delivers sophisticated and powerful business tools that can be setup and administered with ease. Within its flexible framework COCC will customize the platform to meet the business strategies of your institution. It starts by simply defining your business areas followed by enabling user access to selected content and functions therein. This is an intuitive application that requires the typical user only gets acquainted with simple navigation within their familiar web browser.

COCC will work with your power users to ensure a smooth transition of existing reports into the new business intelligence environment. Users of our InfoVision2 platform will learn how to make basic changes that enable existing Crystal Report files to be run against the new COCC data mart. As critical reports are migrated, the transition from InfoVision2 to Total Vision will be complete. All of this is needed to fuel improved decision making.