Business Intelligence

COCC’s Business Intelligence Suite is a robust solution that brings together the best in data management, query and analysis, reporting, information portals, desktop integration and more. In short it’s a premier browser based business intelligence suite.

Business Intelligence refers to a system or a group of systems used to derive value from data by presenting it an easy to use and actionable manner. These platforms include the tools used to collect the data along with systems used to report, display and distribute key information. To that end, the following components are at the core of our platform.

Data Mart

Data Integration

SAP Business Objects

Query and Analysis


Crystal Reports

A Common Solution for Everyone

Reporting is a basic business requirement that must be embraced by the institution. Production reports need to be complemented with custom reporting that meets the specific needs of an institution, department, or individual.

The suite’s browser-based integration presents powerful tools through a simple-to-use user interface. Users can get their information through a single, centralized source, in a way they can easily understand it. Create, manage, and deliver content (e.g. reports) to end users via the browser-based architecture of COCC’s business intelligence suite.

Time-Saving Automation

Users no longer need to remember to produce specific reports on certain days, while manually printing or emailing the results to the proper audience. Utilizing COCC’s simple yet powerful automated scheduling and distribution tools, reports can be setup for hands-off generation at predetermined intervals.
This solution unlocks the data, delivering it through a variety of formats and interfaces including emailed reports, web-based query and analysis, Microsoft Office documents, and portals.


Enable Users with Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting

Multiple Formats to Meet Varied Needs

Implementation & Training

Business Intelligence that Meets Your Expanding Needs

Drive Your Performance

Desktop Integration

Security & Flexibility