September 6, 2023 | Press Release

The Future of Payments is Now: COCC Continues to Elevate the Modern Payment Experience

COCC Reaches New Heights of Payment Innovation with FedNow®

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. – COCC, a leader in delivering advanced fintech solutions to community banks and credit unions, accelerates the momentum for instant payments, announcing entrance into the certification of the FedNow® Service. Continuing to embrace and enhance the adoption of emerging payment trends, COCC is excited to empower participating banks and credit unions to transform the money exchange experience in their communities. This groundbreaking instant payment service powered by the Federal Reserve will revolutionize the way customers and members of affiliated financial institutions receive money, providing instantaneous accessibility to funds 24/7 and a competitive advantage over market demands.

“COCC has been committed to staying on top of leading-edge payment patterns, enabling our community of banks and credit unions to be at the forefront for their customers,” said Matt L’Heureux, SVP and Chief Product Officer at COCC. “We will continue to equip financial institutions with the options vital to meeting the modern demands in today’s competitive environment.”

COCC is revolutionizing the financial landscape with its comprehensive suite of cutting-edge instant payment solutions that can transform how financial institutions enhance their client-to-customer experience. While the industry continues to evolve, join COCC in the step towards the future of faster payments.


About COCC

COCC, a recognized leader in delivering innovative, comprehensive financial technology with advanced core and digital banking solutions combines intuitive user experiences and APIs to streamline integrations. With over 55 years of experience and commitment, COCC is a trusted advisor to community financial institutions. To learn more, visit


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