May 1, 2024 | Press Release

Bridging Innovation

COCC Launches ConnectSuite in Strategic Partnership with Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) Leader, Sandbox Banking.

COCC, a pivotal force in the financial services technology sector, has significantly advanced the accessibility of its core banking APIs with the launch of the ConnectSuite platform in partnership with Sandbox Banking. Sandbox Banking is a digital transformation partner for banks and credit unions that helps streamline systems via Glyue™, its groundbreaking Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS).

This innovative move is designed to fuel the fintech sector by granting third-party developers immediate access to collaborative environments within COCC’s developer studio, promoting an improved integration experience and greater control over timelines. This highlights the importance of a cloud-based infrastructure which provides significant enhancements for scalability, security, and performance. ConnectSuite caters to the needs of developers to rapidly test and implement live banking APIs reducing the time to first-call, while accelerating the introduction of next-generation banking solutions to the market.

“We are very excited to partner with Sandbox Banking to back our newest API Management Platform, ConnectSuite, which was strategically designed to provide COCC financial institutions the means to evaluate and enhance their banking independence, by seamlessly integrating APIs and facilitating innovation.” States Matt L’Heureux, Senior Vice President & Chief Product Officer of COCC “This initiative goes beyond technology; it’s about empowering community banks and credit unions to chart their own course in the fintech landscape and equipping them with the capability to capitalize on emerging opportunities.”

Central to COCC’s strategy is facilitating seamless collaboration among financial institutions and the fintech partners of their choosing. This effort aims to create unique projects that not only improve customer engagement but also unveil new avenues for revenue generation. ConnectSuite serves as a catalyst, enabling fintechs to effortlessly build, test, certify, and launch applications. This environment encourages the exploration of COCC’s core banking APIs to support banking-as-a-service (BaaS), driving the launch of enhanced digital experiences and widening financial institutions’ access to a diverse range of fintech solutions.

“Sandbox Banking is honored to be chosen as COCC’s API management platform,” says Ravi Balasubramanian, CEO of Sandbox Banking. “COCC and Sandbox Banking provide a flexible delivery model for banks and credit unions to amplify their core banking system and integrate with existing and emerging technologies. By solidifying our long, successful relationship, we will continue to combine shared values and innovative technologies, deliver timely solutions, and ultimately enhance business for many financial institutions.”

As COCC continues to evolve, it remains committed to expanding its suite of development tools, ensuring a wide-ranging and versatile opportunity fintech landscape. This commitment underscores COCC’s role in enabling financial institutions to adapt their service offerings, accelerate market presence, and engage effectively with the next generation of customers. By leveraging integrated fintech solutions, financial institutions are well-positioned to pursue targeted growth strategies and opportunities, enhancing customer relations and increasing deposits in the process. COCC’s initiatives are a testament to its dedication to driving forward the financial services industry through collaborative and advanced technological solutions.


About Sandbox Banking

Sandbox Banking is a digital transformation partner that helps unlock revenue via Glyue™, its groundbreaking Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) for banking. Glyue™ is used by North American banks and credit unions ranging from $500M to $200B+ in size and provides connectors from 14+ of the most popular core banking platforms to more than 50 lending, deposit, KYC/AML, data warehouse, CRM, underwriting, mobile banking, and analytics solutions from the world’s best providers.  Sandbox Banking’s investors include Horizon Ventures, Tuesday Capital, Forum Ventures, SixThirty & YCombinator. To learn more, visit


About COCC

As an industry-leading fintech provider, COCC delivers innovative, comprehensive technology solutions and strategic partnerships with an unparalleled focus on service. Offering a robust, feature-rich suite of modern, standards-based core and digital banking solutions, COCC’s cutting-edge systems are designed with intuitive user interfaces and are fortified by advanced APIs which seamlessly facilitate leading fintech integrations. Consistently ready to adopt and embrace emerging technologies, COCC remains agile and forward-thinking, meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving financial landscape where live real-time functionality matters. COCC is forever dedicated to assisting community banks and credit unions with remaining strong and competitive by providing the technology, support, and expertise needed to succeed. To learn more, visit


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