March 21, 2016 | Press Release

CISO Kevin Hamel Featured on K logix

1_Kevin_1182Chief Information Security Officer Kevin Hamel has been featured in K logix’s Profiles in Confidence column.

Kevin Hamel is not the typical CISO, nor is he in the typical corporate environment. As a 12-year-veteran CISO at COCC, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of technology for banks and credit unions, Hamel greatly outpaces the industry average of 15 months in the CISO role. COCC exemplifies one of the few companies in the world that lists security and compliance as the number one corporate priority. In fact, this has been the company’s guiding principal for 15 years. Hamel states, “We recognize that security and regulatory compliance are vital to our business. If we have perpetual regulatory problems or a security incident, that would be a real threat to our success. Where other companies in other industries might prioritize profit, market penetration, or shareholder value, our top priority is security and regulatory compliance.” Hamel points out that this priority is client-driven. As a cooperative, COCC is owned by its clients, and CEOs from a select group of clients comprise COCC’s Board of Directors.

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