COCC Employees Prepare Care Packages for Disabled Veterans

On Thursday, November 9, 24 COCC employees participated in a team building and community service program called Operation Military Care, a combined initiative through Training Path and Disabled American Veterans. Through this program, COCC employees engaged in a variety of team building activities while also preparing care packages for disabled veterans.

The program kicked off with several activities designed to challenge, inform, and entertain employees. Teams had to sort and order cards, stack blocks with their nondominant hands, and play rock paper scissors—among other activities—in a series of challenges throughout the day. These games were specifically designed to encourage trust and support amongst the teams while instructing employees to collaborate, delegate roles, listen attentively, and show responsibility for a task.

The final team building activity involved organizing and preparing items to be placed into a care package for disabled veterans. Employees worked together to create an assembly line. Then employees wore blindfolds as they moved along the assembly line to gather the care package items and place them into bags. Other employees encouraged and instructed their blindfolded team members throughout the process. The blindfolds were designed to simulate some of the challenges faced by disabled veterans every day.

Together, team members prepared 32 care packages with toiletry supplies, socks, hats, scarves, and snacks. At the end of the day, Doug Norwood of Disabled American Veterans came to pick up the care packages.

“Hands-down the best team building training that I have had, not just at COCC, but anywhere,” one employee wrote in a review after the event. Other employees agreed: “No words can express how good it feels to help such a great program for our military families!”

“This is our second year running this type of program at COCC,” said Steve Guglietta, Talent Development Manager at COCC. “It’s a real win for both the employees at COCC and for the communities in which we live.”