January 12, 2016 | Press Release

COCC Promotes Members of Executive & Officer Teams

COCC’s Board of Directors has recently approved the following Officer promotions and position changes effective January 1, 2016.

Joe Lockwood – Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Time and again, Joe has proven himself as a thought leader for our products and technologies. With his 25 years of experience, unique abilities and expansive knowledge of COCC and our industry, Joe has identified opportunities, driven projects and implemented new products and technologies that have helped COCC grow. Joe has been critical to building some of our large third-party relationships, such as ACI, and has been a key liaison with many of our clients, understanding their unique needs and helping them to succeed. We will continue even more in the future to benefit from Joe’s outstanding leadership and forward-thinking approach.

Brent Biernat – Senior Vice President, Business Development
As our business continues to evolve with a broader reach of products and services, we have transitioned a longstanding COCC ambassador into our business development leader. Brent has transitioned from a more technical role in our organization to build and lead our sales team over the past year, marking a major shift in our sales strategy at COCC. Brent’s client-centric focus has created a business development team with great synergy and energy, enabling us to sell more effectively than we have ever before. We are excited about Brent’s ability to continue the great sales traction established over the past year.

Rich Wood – First Vice President, Systems & Programming
Rich’s leadership and strategic approach have successfully guided the development of many features within our INSIGHT and iBanking platforms. Throughout his 17 years at COCC, Rich has continued to exemplify strong leadership and commitment at every turn, making him a key player within COCC’s Officer Team. Rich’s strong business acumen along with technical mindset will continue to help ensure COCC’s development partnership is an effective one.

Steve Reis – Vice President, Infrastructure Management
Steve has come to play a critical role in leading technology and infrastructure initiatives at COCC. Since he joined us in 2008, Steve has held many different roles starting as a Security DBA and leading to his current position in which he has taken on and unified several new teams. His technical ability coupled with his leadership and commitment to client service have made him an integral player at COCC. Steve has continually demonstrated that he can and will seek out the best technical solutions for COCC while keeping our service levels top notch.

Jeff Troutman – Assistant Vice President, Client Services
During his 10 years at COCC, Jeff has repeatedly demonstrated our company’s “say yes” attitude in building client relationships and meeting client needs. Most notably, Jeff has been critical to the development and launch of iBanking, leading a highly successful, integrated team throughout the project. Jeff’s constant positivity and can-do mentality has brought us and him great success during his time at COCC.

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