January 30, 2024 | Success Story

Distinctive by Design

COCC’s Strategic Approach to Multi-Branded Financial Services.

In today’s financial industry, where differentiation is key to success, COCC is redefining the essence of service through its innovative multi-branding solution by pioneering this space with a cutting-edge turnkey strategy, sculpted to enhance and maintain the distinct identity of each institution. This tailored approach recognizes the various needs across markets, empowering institutions to offer nuanced experiences that resonate with every customer demographic.

COCC understands that one size does not fit all; this is not just about offering a variety of services; it’s about providing a curated experience that speaks directly to the needs of each market segment, ensuring that each identity under an institution’s umbrella can flourish while easily adapting to the evolving demands of its specific audience. This diverse branding strategy offers a cost-effective route to establish and manage several brand identities within the core and digital banking space, significantly scaling back the need for substantial investment in separate technology for each institutional persona. Institutions can swiftly adapt and scale their many company profiles, significantly reducing the time and costs typically associated with developing and maintaining distinct digital presences for each entity.

CNB Bank, based out of Clearfield, Pennsylvania, has exemplified the efficacy of this strategy by leveraging the multi-branding approach to successfully launch their sixth division; Impressia Bank. Utilizing this award-winning technology CNB’s new division will continue to reside in one core database, eliminating the inefficiencies of siloed data and applications. The remarkable transition from project initiation to commercial launch took roughly 90 days, start to finish. This rapid deployment capability sets COCC apart in the industry, providing financial institutions the agility to quickly adapt and launch distinct identities.

“The journey from concept to market-ready is a streamlined process, it blends speed and quality. Our product (and delivery) enables our clients to meet their desired market presence and strategy, without the burden of adding new platforms nor additional staff for operational tasks. It is uniquely built to increase efficiency and support differentiation.” said Michelle Orsini, First Vice President, Client Engagement

The key to this success was COCC & CNB Banks recognition of the need for an interconnected yet diverse experience. The multi-branding solution is about fostering relationships and building trust through personalized, customer-centric experiences with advanced, nimble technology. As institutions navigate the pressures of a competitive industry, this partnership offers the ability to stand out and the capability to deliver exceptional service that resonates with every segment.


About CNB Financial Corporation

CNB Financial Corporation is a financial holding company with consolidated assets of approximately $5.6 billion. CNB Financial Corporation conducts business primarily through its principal subsidiary, CNB Bank. CNB Bank is a full-service bank engaging in a full range of banking activities and services, including trust and wealth management services, for individual, business, governmental, and institutional customers. CNB Bank operations include a private banking division, three loan production offices, one drive-up office, one mobile office and 47 full-service offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Virginia. CNB Bank’s divisions include ERIEBANK, based in Erie, Pennsylvania, with offices in Northwest Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio; FCBank, based in Columbus, Ohio, with offices in Central Ohio; BankOnBuffalo, based in Buffalo, New York, with offices in Western New York; and Ridge View Bank, with offices in the Southwest Virginia region. CNB Bank’s new division, Impressia Bank, focuses on financial services that provide tailored and personalized experiences to women business owners and leaders, for more information visit impressiabank.bank. CNB Bank is headquartered in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, with offices in Central and North Central Pennsylvania. Additional information about CNB Financial Corporation may be found at www.CNBBank.bank.


About COCC

As an industry-leading fintech provider, COCC delivers innovative, comprehensive technology solutions and strategic partnerships with an unparalleled focus on service. Offering a robust, feature-rich suite of modern, standards-based core and digital banking solutions, COCC’s cutting-edge systems are designed with intuitive user interfaces and are fortified by advanced APIs which seamlessly facilitate leading fintech integrations. Consistently ready to adopt and embrace emerging technologies, COCC remains agile and forward-thinking, meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving financial landscape where live real-time functionality matters. COCC is forever dedicated to assisting community banks and credit unions with remaining strong and competitive by providing the technology, support, and expertise needed to succeed. To learn more, visit www.cocc.com.

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