May 25, 2023 | Press Release

End-User Computing: How COCC is Leading the Charge for Innovation

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. – As technology continues to advance, so do the demands of the financial industry. In the world of community banking, ensuring that your institution has the latest in leading technology is no longer a luxury, it’s the necessity. Community financial institutions face the constant struggle to make sure they are equipped with the latest suite of technology solutions that support a streamlined process while offering an enhanced and simplistic user experience. COCC is proving to be the go-to provider for financial institutions looking to stay ahead of the curve, showcasing their prowess with End User Computing (EUC) through their partnership with IGEL, a leading provider of endpoint management solutions.

EUC encompasses a range of technologies and strategies that allow users to access their applications and data from a variety of devices and locations. This includes virtual desktop infrastructure, cloud hosting, and endpoint management software, among others. IGEL is a powerful endpoint management software that enables community banks to centralize the management of their workstations and improve their security while streamlining their IT infrastructure. Utilizing IGEL allows employees the flexibility to access their workstations from any device, anywhere in the world. With IGEL, financial institutions easily monitor, manage, and update their endpoints, ensuring they are always up-to-date and secure. COCC’s partnership with IGEL has enabled them to offer banks and credit unions access to the power of IGEL without the need for expensive hardware or IT resources.
COCC’s Technology Services Manager and subject matter expert Billy Cruz recently attended and spoke at Disrupt23, the ultimate EUC event, expo, and technical bootcamp hosted in Nashville, TN. Cruz was asked to speak during this three-day conference to highlight COCC’s participation in the IGEL pilot program which involved testing the newest versions of their revamped and recently announced suite of EUC software, COSMOS. This pilot program allowed COCC to work with a select few of their clients who utilize the iWorkstation platform to deploy the newest versions of IGEL software and test in everyday production environments.

During this incredible event, Cruz highlighted the shared success between COCC and IGEL, stating, “IGEL’s partnerships within the industry along with their EUC passion shined throughout, with many promising strategies to continue grow the IGEL platform. The future of End User Computing is bright with COCC and iWorkstation in the forefront of the FinTech EUC world!”

Through COCC’s partnership with IGEL and the continued development by COCC of their dynamic and flexible iWorkstation solution, COCC is providing community financial institutions with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. Leading technical expert and Professional IT Services Manager Michael Dease describes the value of iWorkstation as “’truly transformative, enabling organizations to innovate and accelerate their business operations by leveraging the power and flexibility of the cloud in a secure, compliant, and trusted environment.”

COCC’s iWorkstation is a virtual desktop infrastructure that provides institutions with a comprehensive suite of tools and services that is fully hosted in the cloud, meaning that financial institutions can enjoy benefits such as secure access to their applications and data from any device, anywhere, without investing in expensive hardware or IT resources. Institutions can easily provision and deprovision desktops, reduce hardware costs, and improve their disaster recovery capabilities. This innovative solution enables banks to work more efficiently, increase their productivity, and provide a better customer experience. By leveraging the power of iWorkstation, community banks can not only stay competitive but simultaneously stay at the leading edge of innovation in an increasingly crowded market.


About IGEL

Today, the world of work is hybrid. Multiple clouds can deliver applications sourced from anywhere to a widely distributed workforce using all types of devices. Right at the moment when the world of work needs it most, IGEL has the solution for fully managed, secure endpoint access to any digital workspace that gives IT teams strong control and end-users the freedom to work as they wish in a hybrid world. Enabling choice of any cloud, from any device, anywhere, IGEL unlocks a collaborative and productive end user computing experience while solving the common security and management challenges required to compete and win in today’s world of hybrid work. With a growing ecosystem of more than 100 IGEL Ready technology partners, IGEL has offices in Europe and the United States and is represented by partners in over 50 countries. For more information on IGEL, visit

About COCC

COCC, a recognized leader in delivering innovated comprehensive technology and partnerships, offers feature-rich, modern standards-based core and digital banking solutions, combining intuitive user experiences and APIs to streamline advanced fintech integrations. COCC clients leverage a complete suite of modern financial technology solutions. COCC has been client-owned for over 50 years, acting as a partner to clients with an unmatched focus on service to help community banks and credit unions meet their unique and ever-changing needs. To learn more, visit

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