March 1, 2017 | Press Release

Executives and Officers Promoted this January

By Richard A. Leone, Chief Executive Officer

COCC’s Board of Directors has recently approved the following Officer promotions and position changes effective January 1, 2017.

Joe Lockwood – President, Chief Operating Officer
With his 25 years of experience, Joe has been the key technology architect overseeing what COCC has built over the past several years. Joe’s unique abilities and expansive knowledge of COCC and the industry have allowed him to identify opportunities, drive projects and implement new products and technologies that have fueled COCC’s growth. Joe has been a critical liaison that has shaped COCC’s relationships with clients, understanding their changing technological needs and doing whatever it takes to help them succeed in a competitive market. Joe’s vision as President, reporting directly to me, will continue to benefit COCC immensely as the company turns the corner on its 50th anniversary.

Dave Christie – Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Dave has been an essential asset in developing COCC’s overall corporate governance policies and strategic business plans since joining COCC 15 years ago. With 30 years of experience, Dave has brought to COCC great vision and judgement while helping to navigate the company through an increasingly complex regulatory and business environment. Dave has spearheaded many significant efforts throughout the company, including the development of COCC’s Core Values and the orchestration of the company’s new Southington headquarters. Dave also reports directly to me and his leadership and team-oriented focus will serve COCC well for years to come.

Kyle Charette – Assistant Vice President, Business Development
During his seven years at COCC, Kyle has repeatedly demonstrated COCC’s “get it done” attitude when it comes to delivering results. Most recently, Kyle has been critical in building COCC’s sales support team, which has been responsible for supporting the incredible efforts that have allowed COCC to sign several new clients over the past few years. Kyle truly leads by example and is a shining example of the collaborative culture that is so important to the success of COCC.

Kim Carlone – Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
In her five years at COCC, Kim has had a variety of responsibilities and has been successful in whatever she has taken on, largely because she embodies the company’s core values, especially trust in teamwork. Kim has a contagious passion for COCC, and she blends solid leadership skills with a dedication to the constant improvement of the company’s work environment.

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