Feb 8, 2021 | Press Release

Galion Building & Loan Bank Converts to COCC

SOUTHINGTON, CT – COCC is excited to welcome Galion Building & Loan Bank as the newest member of our Cooperative. With their conversion to COCC on February 6, Galion is now live on COCC’s INSIGHT core solution as well as its iBanking digital banking solution. Galion Building & Loan Bank, a $67.5 million bank headquartered in Galion, Ohio, completed its conversion after selecting COCC as its core provider late in 2019.

Galion chose COCC for its service support and innovative technology. This technology will assist Galion in its mission to offer the best experience for its customers and its community.

“Improving quality of service for our customers is extremely important for us,” said Donald F. Barr, President of Galion Building & Loan Bank. “We are fully committed to our customers and strive to be a full-service independent community bank that offers flexible technology to meet our customers’ evolving needs.”

“COCC is proud to partner with institutions like Galion that focus on delivering technology and expertise to their customers,” said Richard A. Leone, Chief Executive Officer at COCC. “We look forward to delivering our flexible and innovative technology to Galion so that they can better serve their community.”

Galion’s dedication to its customers aligns perfectly with COCC’s collaborative spirit. COCC ensures that the most efficient technology solutions are being offered so that clients can provide superior service to their customers. “COCC understands the importance of service,” said Mr. Leone. “After all, we are a client-owned cooperative where our clients remain at the center of our strategies.”

About Galion Building & Loan Bank

It all started in 1888. The Galion Building and Loan Association was opened for business with 1,000 shares valued at $200 each; and its mission: “The purpose for which this corporation is formed is for profit, to raise money to be loaned among its members and depositors for use in buying lots, building and repairing houses, and other purposes.”

And so the story of Galion Building and Loan Association – now Galion Building and Loan Bank – began. Over the past century plus, the management and staff of GB&L have been diligent in their mission to help those who seek financial assistance from the institution.

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