Feb 12, 2019 | Press Release

Millbury National Bank Selects COCC for Core Technology Partnership

Millbury National Bank Selects COCC for Core Technology Partnership

Southington, Conn., February, 2019 – Millbury National Bank of Millbury, MA, has selected COCC as its new partner for core banking services. The $88 million bank will convert to COCC in order to improve operational efficiencies through COCC’s advanced technology platform and meet the ever-changing demands of their customers.

Millbury National Bank was impressed by COCC’s technology and services offerings. “COCC is a client driven system, which allows community banks to leverage this great technology, keeping our bank current to meet the needs of our customers,” said Kate Marcum, President and Chief Executive Officer of Millbury National Bank. “We were especially impressed that COCC is client-owned with an independent Board of Directors comprised of CEOs within COCC’s client base.”

The bank began working with COCC over a year ago for managed services. The Millbury National team quickly became pleased with COCC’s attentiveness and focus on partnership. COCC’s strong service culture spoke strongly to Millbury National, which shares in the same mission of offering excellent service to their customers.

“COCC’s culture is evident at client meetings and other events which we have attended,” said Ms. Marcum. “We chose COCC because we were seeking a true partner for our technology and services.”

Founded in 1825, Millbury National Bank has been family-owned for the past three generations. Their focus is on serving small businesses within the Blackstone Valley, as well as maintaining their commitment to their customers, stockholders, employees, and community. In addition to business banking, Millbury National also offers personal banking options and loans, all with a variety of other services and a focus on customer satisfaction.

“Working with financial institutions that mirror our same service-focused mission is very important to us,” said Richard A. Leone, Chief Executive Officer of COCC. “Millbury National Bank’s focus on family, community, and their customers really speaks to us and makes us proud to be their core provider. We look forward to continuing to work and grow with them!”

About Millbury National Bank
Millbury National Bank was founded in 1825, and through fiscal integrity and fortitude, the bank has been led by a committed Board of Directors for over 190 years, currently with several multi-generational Directors. Our focus is on serving small businesses within the Blackstone Valley, and maintaining our strong commitment to our customers, stockholders, employees and community. We treat each customer like family by offering them a level of customer service that is second to none in the industry.

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