January 1, 2020 | Press Release

New Officers and Promotions

The COCC Board of Directors has approved the following new officer promotions for January 1, 2020.

New Officers

Kristen Devino

Assistant Vice President

Over the past 10 years, Kristen has been pivotal handling client service matters, core product management deliverables, and representing our solution offerings to prospective clients. Today, Kristen leads our core client services teams of deposits, loans, and client engagement. Kristen’s strong product knowledge, compassionate service mindset, and people leadership skills are true assets to COCC. Kristen will continue to report to Dianne Peterson.


Michael Fabiaschi

Assistant Vice President

Michael has been a key contributor to the implementation and success of our iBanking call center product offering. Today, Michael leads the day-to-day support of our iBanking service team and is a critical player within our client services leadership team. Over six years ago, Michael began his career here as we were implementing our new iBanking product. Michael’s professionalism through handling external client matters and his approach to leading teams have been instrumental to COCC’s service success. Michael will continue to report to Jeff Troutman.


Buck Johnson

Assistant Vice President

Buck has been a great contributor and people leader within our technology teams. His passion for his work, dedication to growing his team, and overall focus on continuing to grow COCC’s technology footprint has brought huge value to COCC. Buck offers a strong ability to meet project deliverables and build relationships, and his focus on leading our technology services teams through tremendous growth will be vital to our continued success as a service provider. Buck will continue to report to Darren Wilkes.


Michelle Orsini

Assistant Vice President

Michelle has done an outstanding job with re-branding our relationship management strategy. Her ability to “dig deep” on handling complex issues has quickly rendered her a key player within our overall service strategy. In addition, Michelle has been highly successful in establishing formality within relationship management with our clients, while building a strong connection with our growing service teams. Our RM Team today is comprised of very seasoned product specialists, and Michelle is a great role model for how we see our service relationship developing into the future.  Michelle will continue to report to Marco Bernasconi.


Paul Petro

Assistant Vice President

Paul has been instrumental in leading many of our client technical service offerings. Paul brings his strong customer advocacy leadership style, along with his deep understanding of our products, to successfully lead both our client facing and our internal technical teams. Over the past few years, Paul was instrumental in the transition to our Velocloud SD WAN solution, which has allowed COCC clients to reduce downtime and improve performance. As of today, COCC has one of the largest deployments of Velocloud in the nation. Paul will continue to report to Brent Biernat.


Deana Wyse

Assistant Vice President

Throughout her career with COCC, Deana has served and grown in a variety of management-level positions across multiple teams including Item Processing, Client Services, and Conversions. Her current responsibilities include the oversight of all core conversion activities for new clients, mergers, and acquisitions. Deana has been a key contributor to numerous successful acquisitions and conversions, and her formal approach to ensuring all facets of a conversion are handled appropriately has been a huge factor in our great implementation success. Her next conversion is one of her largest yet, with $2 billion UNIBANK converting in March 2020. Deana will continue to report to John Huber.


Executive Promotions

Dianne Peterson

Senior Vice President

For almost a decade, Dianne has been heavily involved in implementing new service offerings to our clients and handling complex support issues, along with ensuring our growing list of projects stays on target. Her sphere of influence encompasses numerous support teams spanning over 100 employees focused on supporting our client financial institutions and their customers. Dianne’s strong operational knowledge and ability to stand up new service teams along with her focus on future needs of clients have made her a critical leadership resource. Dianne will now join our senior executive team and will be part of growing COCC’s future strategy. Dianne will continue to report to Joe Lockwood.


Jamie Perry

First Vice President – Chief Security Officer

Over the past two years, Jamie has been a key contributor to the overall security and technology people strategy at COCC. Jamie’s ability to be focused on business priorities while growing our security strategy has been a huge asset for COCC. Her vision of building a more formalized approach to security, along with her people leadership skills, have led to great success for COCC. Jamie will continue to be responsible for leading our technology people strategy and will officially be a part of our Executive Team in 2020. Jamie will continue to report directly to both Joe Lockwood and David Christie.


Steve Reis

First Vice President – Chief Technology Officer

Steve’s deep understanding of our entire infrastructure and technology operations has been a huge asset for COCC. As we continue to grow, Steve’s ability to see both short-term technology needs and our longer-term vision will be critical to our future success. Steve will continue to be responsible for the COCC technology footprint and for ensuring our infrastructure is ready for new client additions and new product offerings. Steve will now be officially part of our Executive Team in 2020. He will continue to report directly to both Jamie Perry and Joe Lockwood.

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