January 2, 2019 | Press Release

New Officers and Promotions

The COCC Board of Directors has approved the following new officer promotions for January 1, 2019.

Rich Wood

SVP, Systems & Programming Rich has been instrumental in growing our development strategy to new levels. From balancing out new application development to ensuring on schedule delivery of our product enhancements, he has been an outstanding resource for our senior leadership team. In addition, he has been pivotal to progressing our third party integrations as well as maintaining strong relationships with our outside development partnerships. Rich’s focus on moving our business forward with our development efforts has become a critical component to our overall business approach. In addition to leading INSIGHT, iBanking, and iMobile app development, Rich also guides our programming efforts for internal strategic applications. Rich will continue reporting directly to Joe Lockwood.

Dave Frauenhofer

FVP, Product Management
Dave continues to keep our core system competitive by growing its features and enhancements in response to our clients’ increasingly complex needs. Dave has led the last several INSIGHT releases with great success, which has allowed our clients to remain successful in their changing market space. Dave and his team work tirelessly to develop INSIGHT to ensure that COCC continues to have the strongest core offering for our current and prospective clients. Dave will officially join COCC’s Executive Team in 2019 and will continue to report directly to Joe Trafton.

Diane Lamb

VP, Controller
Diane has led our accounting and finance teams through a successful period of tremendous growth. Diane has been instrumental in leading new initiatives to gain better efficiencies along while ensuring the financial stability of our company. From forecasting our financial projections of new business to laying out a groundwork that leverages us to invest in new capital projects, Diane continues to succeed in navigating our growing business needs. Diane will remain focused in 2019 on our revenue growth and expense management while continuing to grow her team to ensure that our day-to-day and monthly responsibilities are always completed successfully. Diane will continue to report to David Christie.

Paul Pelletier

VP, Procurement Management
Paul has continued to successfully lead our contract management, vendor management and facilities efforts, including the recent remodel and revitalization of our Avon location. Whether it be a building project in Avon or Rocky Hill or the ongoing maintenance of Southington, Paul is committed to providing high quality, aesthetically pleasing facilities and amenities for our employees with a high service touch. With regard to vendor management, Paul successfully manages the program by monitoring and addressing the risks associated with third-party relationships. Paul also continues to lead our contract management strategy by working with our partners to maximize the value of those relationships and ensure that our dealings are done professionally and transparently. Paul will continue to report directly to David Christie.

Jamie Perry

VP, Corporate Risk Management
Jamie has been a key contributor to elevating COCC’s risk management position both internally and externally. As we all know, COCC’s security and regulatory responsibilities will always be a critical component to the success of our business. Not only do our efforts in this space affect our current client base, they also go a long way in helping us acquire new business. With an ever changing security and regulatory environment, Jamie will focus on keeping our clients and employees postured to ensure programs remain compliant and up-to-date. Jamie will be responsible for leading our information security efforts along with government, risk, and compliance programs, as well as taking over management of our growing SOC team. Jamie will continue to report directly to David Christie.

Jill Flaherty

AVP, Business Development
Jill has done an outstanding job building client relationships while developing a highly successful strategic products sales strategy. She has developed creative programs that engage our clients to learn more about our solutions such as Strategic Products Seminars, formalizing Strategic Products introductions to new core clients, and hosting client-based product education webinars. Jill will continue to focus on these relationship-building initiatives as well as taking on the responsibility of managing the commercialization of new products. Jill will continue to report directly to Sue Salecky.

Shkelzen (Zen) Gjonbalaj

AVP, Infrastructure Management
Zen has been critical in the growth and development of our Windows Infrastructure Team. As the IT demands of our company have grown, Zen has led and supported the implementation of numerous initiatives and processes surrounding our ever-evolving regulatory and security requirements. Zen will continue to lead our Windows Server and Desktop Support Teams. In addition, he will also expand his role with leading the technical operations of our web infrastructure and security administration teams. Zen will continue to report directly to Steve Reis.

Matt Lidestri

AVP, Information Security
Matt has done a fantastic job leading COCC’s Internet Services team, which has grown dramatically in the past few years as we have responded to the growing security and technology needs of our clients. Matt and his teams have been essential in the continued development and expansion of security-related initiatives that are critical to protecting COCC and our client financial institutions. Most recently, Matt has led the development of the Security Operations Center (SOC), which greatly enhances the security and protection for our clients and their data. Under this new role, Matt will report directly to Jamie Perry.

Elizabeth Montanari

AVP, Client Services
Elizabeth has been the focal point for all activities pertaining to the product launch, service, and platform evolution of our iDashboards platform. She has done an outstanding job partnering with some of our most progressive clients on how to leverage our data management environment to meet complex business needs. She has also been instrumental in working to adapt our Marketing Analytics platform. Elizabeth will continue managing a highly successful team that implements and supports our business intelligence suite of products. She will continue to report directly to Matt L’Heureux.

Darren Wilkes

AVP, Network Services
Darren has been instrumental in leading COCC’s Network Services team toward new technologies and virtualization for our clients. Most recently, Darren has overseen the implementation of the new iWorkstation product, an infrastructure-as-a-service offering that is helping our customers to become more flexible, responsive, and secure. Darren will continue to manage the Technical Consulting Group. In addition, he will be expanding his leadership by overseeing our WAN Network architecture and Linux/VMware/Storage strategies. Darren will continue to report directly to Steve Reis.

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