Digital Banking Through a Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has made a sudden and immediate impact on branch banking throughout the country, shining a spotlight on the digital banking options presented by financial institutions. While a trend towards an expanded digital offering that can serve consumers...

Supporting Businesses Through Commercial Services

Understanding the Need For a community financial institution, the benefits of working with business customers can extend beyond banking. Not only do these relationships grow the business, they can also solidify the institution’s ties to the community it serves....

The COCC Difference

Large core technology providers have been in the spotlight recently, often for the wrong reasons. Many community financial institutions find themselves frustrated with their core providers and their inability to keep up with the needs of a community financial...

The Benefits of Outsourcing

While operating your core, security, infrastructure and other solutions in-house may give a sense of control over your process, forming a technology partnership with a trusted company has many benefits.


With robust functionality for all commercial loan business units, LoanVantage automates all critical functions performed by your commercial lending team, from prospecting and pipeline management through ongoing reviews and portfolio management.