Your Growth,

Our Mission

2023Annual Report



David Christie

Executive Vice President & CFO

At COCC, we see sustainable profitability not as the endgame, but as the means for developing unparalleled products, delivering unmatched services, and fostering a positive organizational culture. Over the past decade, our net income has averaged 3.6% of our revenue, aligning with our Board’s vision of maintaining a 2% to 5% range. Though conservative compared to industry giants, this level of profitability aligns with our long-term mission, which revolves around the growth and success of both our clients and our employees.

With average annual organic growth exceeding 10% over the past ten years, we have been able to fortify our cash flow, invest in technology, and enhance our R&D capabilities. This growth has fueled a culture of innovation and leadership and opened up countless new opportunities for our people. While profitability and revenue are essential, our focus lies in creating holistic value: outstanding products, exceptional services, and an engaging workplace culture. Our steady profitability, coupled with robust growth, allows us to meet these objectives while promising a brighter, more prosperous future.

This growth has not merely been about numbers. It’s played a pivotal role in cultivating an environment where innovation thrives, where ideas are nurtured, and where challenges are viewed as steppingstones to even grander achievements. The energy and vibrancy of an organization that’s not just keeping pace with the market, but often leading it, is something we value and are proud of at COCC.

As we take a moment to look back and chart our evolution, one aspect stands out distinctly: our approach to financial governance. Gone are the days when financial management was the solitary preserve of the CFO or the accounting team. With our growth, we’ve transitioned into an era where financial responsibilities are collectively shouldered. The entire COCC family is now more intertwined with the company’s financial health than ever before.

As we stand today, poised to embrace the countless opportunities that the future holds, we remain committed to our clients and the promise of another successful year ahead.