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2023Annual Report


Our Future

Richard Leone

Chairman, CEO & President

Taking time to pause and reflect upon our success at COCC, I am humbled by the magnitude of our accomplishments and the opportunities that lie ahead. Our company has always been characterized by growth. Our robust revenue growth is not just a testament to our strategic decisions, but it is also a symbol of our collective resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking mindset. Our financial gains are not merely numbers to us; they are a tangible representation of trust, dedication, and passion – qualities we have nurtured within our team and our valued clients.

Regarding our products, the surge in demand for our core banking products has been satisfying. It reflects the market’s recognition of the value proposition we bring to our clients. Our digital transformation wave has seen a myriad of changes, and our core and digital product advancements are primed to keep us at the forefront of this revolution. We are not just adapting to change – we are anticipating and molding it. Navigating the complexities of the financial services sector demands constant diligence and execution. This is not a singular focus, but an ongoing journey of continuous improvement, change, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of our business. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, having adaptable solutions is not just a luxury—it is an imperative. Our teams have worked tirelessly to develop and refine solutions that empower our clients to stay a step ahead. And our commitment does not end at delivery; we continuously iterate, optimize, and enhance, ensuring our products are not just current, but visionary.

Leadership is about guiding, enlightening, and collaborating. Our initiatives in fostering innovative thought leadership within the industry have been productive at opening doors for rich dialogues, knowledge sharing, and mutual growth.

The industry accolades and distinctions we have received serve as a humble reminder of our responsibilities. Every award underscores the trust our clients place in us, motivating us to continually push the boundaries of excellence. Our ongoing successes in core conversions and financial institution merger projects highlight our dedication to growth and quality. These are no small feats and are reflective of the quality, precision, and dedication we display to our clients. Making investments signify belief – in a vision, in potential, and in our future. At COCC, we believe our continuous investment in strategic products, invaluable team members, and innovative facilities is key to our success. These investments are the very pillars that uphold our promise to our clients and our vision for the industry.

Our clients are our partners in every sense of the word. The unparalleled trust and distinctive relationships we have cultivated over the years are treasures we value. These bonds are nurtured by our commitment to service excellence, evident in our consistently enhanced service performance metrics. COCC’s culture is our lifeblood. A collaborative blend of cooperation, teamwork, and mutual respect, it is the engine that drives our growth.

We have always believed that organizations thrive when their employees do, and this has positioned us as a premier employer and a recognized example of workplace excellence. While our achievements are noteworthy, our vision is ambitious and our journey far from over. With the dedication and ingenuity of our team, the unwavering faith of our clients, and our ceaseless drive for innovation, I am profoundly optimistic about the future of COCC. I deeply appreciate your support, your belief, and your partnership. Here’s to the future—a future we’re building together.