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2023Annual Report



At COCC, our commitment to innovation remains strong, as highlighted by our advancements with application programming interfaces (APIs) to streamline innovative fintech integrations. Recognizing the vital role of integration in today’s digital landscape, we’ve diligently worked with an array of new fintech services, encompassing digital and mobile banking, online account opening, loan origination, contact centers, and both debit and credit card solutions. The strategic expansion of our API team underpins our success in this environment. Furthermore, our engagement in unique client projects emphasizes our adaptability and eagerness to meet specific needs while remaining flexible. As the fintech sector evolves, COCC stands at the forefront, ensuring our clients’ access to industry-leading solutions.

Though APIs have been a component of COCC’s toolkit for years, our recent ventures signal a marked increase in pace and intensity. The volume of new integration projects undertaken in the last two years surpasses the preceding six, reflecting our continued focus and the dynamic evolution of the banking industry. We remain eager about future prospects and our unwavering dedication to provide clients with top-tier solutions that foster satisfaction and growth.

Third-Party Fintech Integrations