Dave Frauenhofer

Senior Vice President, Product Management

As Senior Vice President of Product Management, Dave Frauenhofer manages the teams responsible for strategy and product development surrounding COCC’s premier core solution, INSIGHT, and its digital banking platform, iBanking. With over 20 years of experience at COCC, Dave has developed innovative solutions that enhance customer engagement and improve our clients’ operational performance. His teams develop INSIGHT apps, core integration to ancillary products and services, new digital banking themes such as Maverick, and innovative new user experiences within INSIGHT, as well as provide solutions to clients’ unique needs. Dave is also responsible for building and managing relationships with key third-party providers to ensure COCC’s core solution meets the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Prior to joining COCC, Dave worked at a large community bank and, at that time, COCC’s largest client. Today, Dave is a sought out and frequent speaker at numerous industry events and at COCC’s client meetings, forums, and conferences. He is a Boston College graduate and holds a degree in philosophy.