Michelle Orsini executive portrait

Michelle Orsini

First Vice President, Client Engagement

Client success at COCC focuses on driving engagement and achieving satisfaction through collaborative progress. With 20 years of community banking experience, Michelle Orsini leads this key component of COCC’s service structure, including Client Advisors and Client Partners, the delivery of client training, and the Rochester branch. Michelle’s ability to handle complex client interactions makes her an indispensable player in COCC’s overall client service strategy. Michelle is highly successful in creating partnerships between the Client Success Team and COCC clientele while building strong connections with internal service teams. Today, COCC’s client success and training teams are comprised of seasoned product, service, and training specialists, and Michelle is a role model for how COCC sees its client service delivery in the future.

Michelle’s previous experience in conversions, project management, and customer service, as well as her presence in community financial institutions, contributes to her deep understanding and importance of nurturing positive relationships, alongside her dedication to exceptional service.

Michelle earned her bachelor’s degree from New England College of Business and is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Finance and Management.